Comparison of Coral Islands of Andaman with Beruwala Beach of Sri Lanka.

Both Coral Island and Beruwala Beach are unique.

Comparison of Coral Islands of Andaman with Beruwala Beach of Sri Lanka.
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While the Coral Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are very colourful with red blue corals and sea shells, the Beruwala Beach in Sri Lanka has vast stretch of yellow sands and deep blue sea. Both the destinations are sought after by the international tourists.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is known for its diverse flora and fauna. While many of the beach destinations are known for being surrounded by the sea waters around one side, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is known for the landmasses being surrounded by the sea waters from 3 sides.


Coral Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of such unique sea destination. While the white sands of Coral Islands make the visitors and travelers enchanted, the corals create a colourful atmosphere. The Coral Islands are situated around 70 kilometers away from the capital city Port Blair.


Generally visitors spend most of their time in the capital city Port Blair. From Port Blair they travel to Coral Islands. There are different types of launches, ferries and motor boats which take the visitors from the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex to Coral Island.

The journey in those launches across the Andaman Sea is an experience by itself. There is lovely tropical breeze which makes everyone enchanted.

Those who want to have better glimpse of the corals across the sea-beds, they travel in beautiful glass-bottom boats. At the bottom of the boats there are transparent glasses which show the existence of the colourful corals. The colours of the corals range from yellow, orange to green and blue. The corals exist in different shapes and sizes.

In the Coral Islands the sea beaches are filled with dead corals and sea-shells. While the white sands have powdery small particles, there are small corals existing in the same beaches. Travellers enjoy the beaches a lot.


Many visitors take oxygen masks and go for snorkeling inside the sea to see the living corals across the sea beds. Many swimmers and sea-guides accompany the tourists to see that they are at comfort when they swim in the beaches of Coral Island and go for snorkeling.

That part of the Coral Island where travelers swim and bath in the sea waters are free from dangerous marine creatures. In places where the existence of dangerous sea creatures are there, big boards are kept mentioning the danger. Visitors are prevented from venturing into those parts because there are chances of being confronted by stone fishes, salt water crocodiles, sharks and other harmful fishes.

Many travelers book hotels and stay in the Coral Island for some days and then return to Port Blair. The return journey in the glass bottom boats are equally interesting. Sometimes it rains in the Coral Islands and swimming in that weather is a lifetime experience.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka is mainly surrounded by landmasses with sea waters surrounding one side. Beruwala and Bentota are the popular sea destinations of Sri Lanka.


The sea beaches in Beruwala in Sri Lanka are very wide. That is the reason the big hotel chains like Tapro Spa hotel had bought huge acres of land to create their resort.


Visitors stay in those resorts and enjoy the sea. Travellers from England, Russia, Germany, Canada, Australia travel in big numbers for sun-bathing in Beruwala Beach. These travelers come from Temperate zones, so don’t have adequate sunshine in their native places. They enjoy the tropical weather, the clear blue skies and the beautiful tropical sea waters of Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. November and December are the best time of the year to visit Sri Lanka. Beruwala is associated with yellow stretch of sands and deep blue sea waters.


Tapro Spa resort situated in Beruwala has its own swimming pools adjacent to the sea beaches. So visitors have the option of swimming pools of Tapro Spa during the day and also in the evenings. The sunset in the Beruwala beach is very romantic.


As Sri Lanka is a tropical country even in December January, the temperature never decrease below 17 degree centigrade. So the water of the swimming pools are not cold. Swimming in those clear waters is fun. The waters are very well maintained by the resort authorities.


The sea waters are equally romantic. The sea waters are calm, and even beginners can swim well in the sea-waters of Beruwala Beaches. Many people carry their food and drinks and sit in the beaches of Beruwala at night and watch the sea at moon light. It is a lifetime experience.


Few things are common both in the Coral Islands of Andaman and in Beruwala in Sri Lanka. One of them include the huge stretch of coconut trees adjacent to the beaches. The weather conditions and latitudinal extent helps the growth of those trees. Sometimes the coconut falls on gentle breeze in front of the travelers and it is fun. Both Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Sri Lanka are very close to the equator and so the equatorial climate prevail in these places.

It is very difficult to say which experience is better, whether the stay in the Coral Islands of Andaman or the stay in the Beruwala Beaches. Those travelers who prefer islands more than landmasses for them Coral Islands are more preferable. Even those scientists who do research in marine organisms prefer the Coral Islands.


But for the other set of tourists who look for solitude prefer Beruwala Beaches. Beruwala is very popular for honeymoon couples. They have a special time to know themselves in the midnight moon sitting in the yellow sands adjacent to blue seas. The food in both the destinations are tasty. While Andaman has huge availability of prawns, carps, salmons, Sri Lanka has a lot of availability of shrimps, sardines, pomfrets, surmayis, to name a few. Food in Sri Lanka is more expensive than food in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


For Indians, access to Andaman and Nicobar Islands is easy as it is within India and can be reached by flying by Air India or Jet Lite flights from Kolkata to Port Blair or Chennai to Port Blair. For travelling to Sri Lanka visitors require passport and visa and travel from Kolkata to Chennai and then from Chennai to Colombo. Visitors should visit both the places in their lifetime.

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