Mandarmani Beach is the Best Beach of Eastern India

Mandarmani Beach is the Best Beach of Eastern India

Mandarmani Beach is the Best Beach of Eastern India
Image Source - This is my image taken by private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji.
Till now Mandarmani beach is a virgin beach. Other than yellow stretch of sands, blue sky and blue sea waters there are no other structures. Mornings and evenings are romantic in Mandarmani beach.

The entire South Bengal and Orissa is full of brilliant beaches. The Bay of Bengal has given a brilliant coast line for major part of West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Right from Shankarpur to Digha, Chandipur to Puri, the entire region has exotic sea beaches. But Mandarmani is the best beach of entire Eastern India. It is situated around 175 kilometers away from Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal.

Mandarmani is truly a virgin beach. It has more than 4 kilometer stretch of sand which allow visitors to spend time in the beach. Few years ago cars were allowed to drive in the sand beach of Mandarmani.

But just because few youngstars did race along the beach in their cars and that led to serious accidents, the local self government stopped allowing cars and vehicles in the beaches at Mandarmani.

The entire stretch of sands is amazing in Mandarmani. There are outstanding hotels situated in Mandarmani like Sonar Bangla. Many tourists go for swimming in the pools of Sonar Bangla in the morning and in the evening. Those who have rooms facing the swimming pool they have separate fun. From the first floor and second floor, first the swimming pool and then the beach is visible. On a monsoon evening or an evening of Norwester it is a romantic experience of sitting on a chair and staring at the sea from the balcony. West Bengal faces many Norwesters in the months of April and May. They bring occasional rain. The darkening of the skies, reddish nature of the skies at evening before sunset and their reflection on the sea waters is an outstanding geographical feature.

The best part of the sea beach in Mandarmani is that the sea is quite calm. Visitors can sit on the sands from 4 pm to 5.30 pm and watch the setting of the sun. It is an enchanting site.

Many people go for swimming at that time, as the sun becomes pale and the warm waters and evening sky creates a brilliant landscape at that time. It is very romantic and cannot be described in words. The stretch of sandy landmass does not have any trees, plantations, any other structures. On one side there is beautiful blue sea, on top there is beautiful sky and on the bottom there is beautiful sandmass.

There is another interesting thing in Mandarmani beach. Near the Mohona, there are beautiful red crabs all across the beach. They make the entire beach look crimson red. Their shade falls on the sands and creates beautiful images. It is a treat for the eyes. Many travellers take photos of the crabs. The local boys catch the red crabs with bare hands and show them at close distance. The crabs are shy and on seeing human beings jump into the holes in the sands to get away from them.

The great part of Mandarmani is that till now it is not inhabitant to the extent of Shankarpur, Digha and other beaches. There are enclosures on the side yet not completed. It is expected that shopping complexes will be built in course of time like that of Digha and Biswabangla beach. If it happens the virginity of the beach will be lost. Presently Digha beach is filled with manmade structures and shopping complexes. The shops include outlets where handicrafts and local village produce are sold. Previously there were kutcha huts and presently there are permanent cemented structures. The lighted structures look nice at night but with the cemented structures the natural surroundings of the sea being fringed by the sandy landmass had been lost.

It is a wonder of nature that within such a close distance of only 25 to 30 kilometers from Shankarpur, Talsari and Digha, the sea and the waves are totally different in Mandarmani. The sea is more turbulent near Shankarpur and Digha and the waves are corrosive. For a long period of time, around 50 years, boulders and stones were kept aside those beaches to stop the sea making inroads into the land and destroying the official buildings. But nothing of that sort is in vicinity in Mandarmani. The waves are calm. The sea is also peaceful. Besides, Digha is divided into two parts, New Digha and Old Digha, having some topographical difference. Mandarmani has one long stretch of yellow sands surrounded by blue waters. As the stretches of sands are uniform, many travellers go for paragliding. These days local institutions and NGOs discourage that type of sport because accidents did take place some time back.

One other aspect of Mandarmani beach is the difference with the Digha and Shankarpur beach in topography and presence of sea creatures. While Digha beach is more famous for presence of jellyfishes, Mandarmani beach is more famous for presence of starfishes. The sea shells are also of different colours than that of Shankarpur beach. In Shankarpur beach they are mainly white and yellow in colour, where as in Mandarmani beach they are mainly orange and dark yellow in colour. Shankarpur and Digha have much more cashewnut trees and palm trees. Mandarmani have much less number of those trees. If visitors are lucky they can see the beautiful chilly plantations around Mandarmani. Generally the place is famous for red chillies. In West Bengal, the soil is fertile and conducive to the growth of both green chillies and red chillies. Both are tasty, but the green variety is more spicy.

In a nutshell although Mandarmani cannot be compared with Radhanagar Beach of Havelock Island, Coral Beach of Pattaya in Thailand, Bali beaches in Indonesia, yet in respect of beaches on the side of Bay of Bengal, Mandarmani is the most romantic beach. The above mentioned beaches are closer to the equator and surrounded by Indian ocean and other seas. On the other hand Mandarmani beach is only surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. Unless the manmade structures in and around the beach, destroy the natural standing of the beach, it can remain a traveller’s paradise.

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