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Odisha Tourism
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Odisha has created its own identity in the field of tourism due to its architectural beauty and natural beauty.

Odisha is situated in the east part of the India and near the Bay of Bengal. The east side of this state is also approached to the sea. Odisha has 485 kilometers of coastline along the Bay of Bengal. Odisha is otherwise called as eastern gateway of India. The coastline and beaches are the causes of attraction of tourists. This is the geographical attraction of Odisha tourism.

Odisha has created its own identity in the field of tourism in whole world.

Each and every corners of Odisha are addressed by old and historical temples. Bhubaneswar, which is the capital city of Odisha, is popularly known for “Temple City”. Because this city contains hundreds of temples. The day will pass, but to visit all the temples will not be finished. Many temples in Odisha are built from sand stones. Konark   sun temple is an old and historical temple in Odisha. The architectural beauty of this temple attracts thousands of tourists in a day. This temple resembles like a running chariot. The other name of this temple is “Black Pagoda”. This temple was made by 1200 stone-architects in 12 years. This is the history of Konark temple. This is the only one tourism place of eastern India which is declared as UNESCO world heritage site.

In foreign countries, Odisha is popularly known for Jagannath temple, which is situated in Puri near the Bay of Bengal. Lakhs of pilgrims come to puri to worship Lord Jagannath. This temple is also made by stone. The architectural beauty of this temple makes everyone attractive. Besides these two temples, there are a lot of temples which attracts thousands of tourists in a day. Those temples are Lingaraj temple, Mukteswar temple, Rajarani temple, Dhauli and a lot. Some specific places of Odisha are popular for some specific temple and tourist places. As Sambalpur is famous for Samaleswari and Huma temple. Huma is the only one leaning temple in Odisha. Biraja temple and Chhatia temple of Jajpur, Baldevjeu temple of Kendrapada, Maa TaraTarini temple of Brahmapur, Dhabaleswar temple and Maa Katak-chandi temple of Cuttack, Maa Tarini temple in Ghatagaon are unique. Another beauty of temple is Kalijai temple. It is present inside Chilika Lake as an island. Tourists come to visit Chilika by boats.

Besides Hindu temples, there are some Buddhist places. Odisha is the home of Buddhism also. Dhauli and Ratnagiri are the places where we can get various statues of Buddha with different postures. These places are symbolized as the places of peace. Thousands of Buddhism devotees come to this place.

Before the civilization of human being, ancient people were living inside the forest or by making caves. There are some caves in Odisha. By watching them anyone can assume the ancient time ‘how ancient- people live inside the cave’. Some caves are there on the hill of Khandagiri and Udayagiri. This are also popular places. Lakhs of tourists come to Odisha not only for temple but also for landscape.

Two national park and nineteen wildlife sanctuaries are present in Odisha. Due to closeness of the sea, beaches make the state so attractive. Many rivers accommodate water to the land of Odisha. The name of two national parks is Bhitarkanika and Similipal national park. These natural places are the combination of flora, fauna and geomorphological diversity. Bhitarkanika national park is popular for saltwater crocodile, white crocodile, Indian python, king cobra and a lot. Similipal national park is a tiger reserve.

Some important and popular wildlife sanctuaries are Chilika (Nalban), Gahirmatha, Nandankanan, Satkosia, Sunabeda and Chandaka wildlife sanctuary. Chilika (Nalban) is a bird sanctuary. Many birds from other countries travel to this lake. It is Asia’s biggest salt water pond. Chilika Lake is being treated as real paradise for bird lovers. Gahirmatha is also an attracting wild life sanctuary because it is a nesting beach for turtles. Another wildlife sanctuary is Nandankanan sanctuary. It is also a zoological park. Approximately 2669 animals and birds of 152 species are present in Nandankanan zoo. 3.3 million Visitors come to this zoo in a year. It became the first zoo in India to join world association of zoos and aquarium in 2009.  The zoo is prepared in this way as both terrestrial and aquatic animal can survive.

Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary is a tiger reserve. Chandaka wild life sanctuary is famous for elephant. Beside these, the name of other wildlife sanctuaries are Balukhand-Konark, Bhitarkanika, Kuldiha, Similipal, Kapilash, Badrama, Baisipali, Debrigarh, Hadgarh, Karlapat, Khalasuni, Karlapat, Kotagarh and Lakhari valley wild life sanctuaries.

As the sea is attached to Odisha, there is a longest beach at here. Puri sea beach is most popular in Odisha because thousands of pilgrims come to visit lord Jagannath and Jagannath Temple. Other popular beaches in Odisha are Chandrabhaga and Gopalpur. Chandrabhaga beach is otherwise called as Golden beach. Tourists from different states and different countries also like to visit waterfalls. Waterfalls are so attractive and it is a gift of nature. Some famous waterfalls in Odisha are Sanghagara, Duduma, Khandadhar, Badaghagara, Bhimkund, Harishankar, Devkund, Nrusimhanath, pradhanpat and so on.    

22.1% of whole people of Odisha belong to tribal. The way of their living, fooding, clothing and demeanor is different from an ordinary people or people living in city. The material used to make a house in tribal area is also unique. Majorly, they are dependent on forest for their food. They use medicinal plant to save themselves from diseases. The way of wearing clothes is also different and unique. They have used the ornaments, which is unique, but attractive. They observe their own festivals having with a grand celebration. The instrument is so beautiful. For all these reason, tribal culture is unique. The sound which is created by that instrument is so beautiful. For all these reasons, tribal culture is unique. This culture also improves the quality of Odisha Tourism.                       

Many rivers accommodate water to the land of Odisha. In Odisha, many areas have been separated from each other by rivers. All these disconnected areas have been connected by roads through bridges. Beauty of the river blossoms, when a traveler travels on the river bridge. All the rivers and their beauty are a part of Odisha Tourism. Mahanadi is the longest river of Odisha. Hirakud dam is one of the longest dams in the world and largest dam made of earth or soil. This dam has been built on Mahanadi River. The main purpose of this dam is to generate hydroelectric power station or dam Chipilima, Indravati, Rengali, Balimela, Jalput.

All these dams have fulfilled all demands by creating a nice tourism sector. Near about hundreds of people travel to dams per a day to fill the nature and environment of dam. The name of other rivers flow in Odisha are Brahmani, Rusikulya, Baitarani, Bhargabi, Budhabalanga, Chitrotpala, Daya, IB, Kuakhai, Kushabhadra, Tel, Subarnarekha, Kathajodi, and 50 on. People like to travel on the river-side or on the bridges, because of smooth and cool wind during evening time. When the wind touches the human body, a human being really satisfied by the nature.

For all these factors and reasons, Odisha has created its own identity in the field of tourism.

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