India's Greatest Warriors and The Weapons They Used

List of great indian warriors and the weapons used by them in medieval india

India's Greatest Warriors and The Weapons They Used
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Warriors! Every country has them. This space showcases a list of the greatest Indian warriors since ancient times.

Warriors! Every country has them. This space showcases a list of the greatest Indian warriors since ancient times.

Epic tales of warriors have been mentioned in history’s books. A warrior is a person known for his skills in various forms of warfare and combat. The earliest warriors came from clans and tribes and later formed an integral segment with Kings and Emperors. Some of the earliest Indian warriors emerged during ancient times. In every phase of Indian history warriors used sophisticated handmade weapons.

Since ancient times the shield is considered the most important weapon of protection by warriors. The earliest protection for a warrior was a hand-held shield after which protection for the head, chest, hands legs and shoulders came into being. This list of warriors from India includes prominent rulers, Kings, Emperors, independent fighters, and mythical/legendary figures skilled at combat.

List of India’s greatest warriors


• Arjuna (Mahabarata)


• Ashoka (Maurya Dynasty)


• Abhimanyu (Mahabarata)


• Alha (Independent warrior)


• Ahilyabai Holkar (Maratha Empire)


• Akbar (Mughal Period)



• Bharata (Chandra Vanshi)


• Bhishma (Mahabarata)


• Bhima (Mahabarata)


• Baji Prabhu Deshpande (Maratha Empire)


• Badan Singh (Jat Empire)


• Banda Singh Bahadur (Sikh Empire)



• Chandragupta Maurya (Maurya Empire)


• Chandragupta II (Medieval warrior/Gupta Empire)


• Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Maratha Empire)


• Chatrapati Sambhaji (Maratha Empire)



• Dasharatha (Ramayana)


• Dhanaji Jadhav (Maratha Empire)



• Gurdan Saini (Rajput Warrior-Medieval India)


• Guru Gobind Singh ji (Sikh Empire)



• Hanuman (Ramayana)


• Hari Singh Nalwa (Sikh Empire)


• Hyder Ali (Mysore Kingdom)



• Krishna (Mahabarata)


• Karna (Mahabarata)


• Karikala Chola (Sangam Period)


• Krishnadevaraya (Vijayanagara Empire)


• Khanderao Dabhade (Maratha Empire)


• Kittur Chennamma (Pre-British Raj)



• Lakshmana (Mahabarata)



• Mahapadma Nanda (Nanda Dynasty)


• Maharana Pratap (Rajput Warrior)


• Malhar Rao Holkar (Maratha Empire)


• Mahendravarman I (Pallava Empire)


• Mahadaji Shinde (Maratha Empire)



• Nakula (Mahabarata)


• Narasimhavarman I (Pallava Dynasty)



• Parshurama (Ancient)


• Prithviraj Chauhan (Medieval)


• Peshwa Bajirao (Maratha Empire)


• Prataprao Gujar (Maratha Empire)



• Raghu (Ikshvaku Dynasty/ Surya Vanshi)


• Rama (Ikshvaku Dynasty/ Surya Vanshi/ Ramayana)


• Rana Sanga (Medieval /Rajput)


• Rana Kumbah (Medieval /Rajput)


• Raj Mansingh (Medieval /Rajput)


• Rajaraja Chola I (Chola Empire/Medieval)


• Rajendra Chola I (Chola Empire/Medieval)


• Rani Lakshmi Bai (Maratha Warrior)


• Ranjit Singh (Sikh Empire)



• Sagara (Surya Vanshi/Vedic)


• Samrat Hemu Chandra Vikramaditya (Medieval)


• Shahaji Raje Bhosle (Maratha Empire)


• Santaji Ghorpade (Maratha Empire)


• Suraj Mal (Jat Empire)



• Tanaji Malusare (Maratha Empire)


• Tatya Tope (Maratha Empire)


• Tarabai (Maratha Empire)


• Tipu Sultan (Mysore Sultanate)



• Yayati (Puranic Period/Ancient Times)


• Yudhisthira (Mahabarata)


• Yadu (Indo/Aryan)



• Vel Kelu Kuttuvan (Sangam Period/Chera)


Weapons used by Warriors from India

Weapons have been used by warriors since ancient times. Some of the earliest weapons were sticks with pointed edges, used for hunting. Modifications were made on sticks used in combat and battle. In ancient times Indian warriors used crude weapons that could kill with a single blow. Weapons made from metal were extensively used by warriors from India in the middle ages. Bow and Arrow, Swords, spears, daggers and axes, were commonly used by warriors. In a battle multiple weapons were used by warriors. Every warrior mastered a weapon that was used as the main weapon in combat or battle.

List of Weapons used by Warriors since Ancient Times

• Bow and Arrow


• Nalika (Crude hand gun)


• Bandipala (Crude club)


• Chakra (Circular sharp disk)


• Gada (Heavy iron rod with spikes on top)


• Sira (A curved iron instrument)


• Parasu (Battle axe)


• Tomara (Iron Club/Javelin)


• Nalastra (Gun)


• Sataghini (A powerful weapon similar to Gada)


• Firangi (Sword)


• Pattisa (A small razor sharp weapon)


• Dantakanta (Weapon with a sharp straight blade)


• Mudgara (Staff in the shape of a Hammer)


• Asi/Swords


• Masundi (Eight-sided Cudgel)


• Pasa (Triangular Noose Weapon)


• Dagger


• Javelin/Spear


• Talwar (Sword)


• Khanda (Sword)


• War Elephants


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