Five haunted places of Kolkata

Five scary locations of Kolkata

Five haunted places of Kolkata
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Kolkata (earlier Calcutta) was the capital of British India till 1911. There are many historical events associated with this city. Along with these events, there are many legends and stories about spirits and ghosts. Know about five scary places in this city.

Compared to Delhi, Chennai, Varanasi, Allahabad or Thiruvananthapuram, Kolkata is a much younger city. But there is no dearth of haunted places in the city. In this article, I am discussing five well-known haunted places in the city. Later some other scary places of the city will be covered.

Park Street Cemetery: Park Street Cemetery is the oldest Cemetery of Kolkata. It was started way back in 1767. The graves in the cemetery are mostly of British soldiers.

The silence prevailing in the cemetery and the big trees create a surreal environment. Many people including the guards have mentioned that they have seen hazy figures roaming inside the cemetery. Some of them have also stated that the hazy figures ultimately go back inside some particular graves. In a recent incident, some photographers visiting the cemetery suddenly started feeling extreme uneasiness inside the cemetery. They even captured one or two hazy figures in their cameras.

Lower Circular Road Cemetery: This cemetery is located very close to the Park Street Cemetery. One particular grave in this cemetery is of a British officer named William Hay. He was killed in the Anglo-Afghan war and his body was badly mutilated as per the tribal practice. His wife ultimately brought back the remains to Calcutta and buried in this cemetery. It is believed that the tree covering the grave shivers because of the brutality. People say that they have noticed the weeping spirit of this British officer roaming inside the cemetery.

Putul-bari (House of the dolls): It is a well-known haunted house near the Shobhabazar jetty in North Kolkata. The house is very old and the architecture depicts dolls in the arches of the house. This house was occupied by a rich but inhuman landlord, who used to brutally torture the women. People have heard the cry of women at the middle of the night. It takes real courage to climb the broken stairs of the dilapidated building. Incidentally, this old house was used during the shooting of Roland Joffe’s “City of Joy”

Kolkata Dock, Khidirpur: Kolkata dock was partially constructed by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Ayudh, who was sent to exile by the British. He started residing at Metiaburuz area and built the dock at nearby Khidirpur. Although many people work in the dock, it is said that some of them have seen a hazy image of the Nawab loitering at the dock in an angry mood.

Wipro Office, Salt Lake: I have so far mentioned many old places in the city. Now let us mention a modern haunted house. The Wipro Office located at Salt Lake (Bidhan Nagar) has recently been famous(!) for the presence of spirits in the building. The building is stated to be on a graveyard and spirits roam freely in this building. Employees working at the night shift are extremely hesitant to go to the washroom alone or use the lift without a companion.

Final few words: There are many other well-known haunted spots in the city like Race Course and Old Akash Bani (All India Radio) Bhavan building. Courageous tourists may plan to visit some of these places during their next trip to Kolkata.


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