Comfort at the Malda Guest House and the Baharampur Guest House.

Malda Guest House and Baharampur Guest House are well maintained for tourists.

Comfort at the Malda Guest House and the Baharampur Guest House.
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The article speaks about the beautiful ambience of the Malda and Baharampur Guest Houses. They are beautiful and people who come to visit the historical places in Malda and Murshidabad stay there.

Malda and Murshidabad has a huge store of historical monuments in the area. Whenever visitors come to stay in the area for visiting the historical monuments they are required to stay in hotels and lodges. Malda Guest House in Malda and Baharampur Guest House in Baharampur are two good guest houses which can bring in comfort during the stay in those places.

Malda comprises of Gour and Pandua which are both rich in history. In Gour the great historical places include the Kadam Rasool Mosque, the Lottan Masjid, the Lukochuri Darwaza, the Dakhil Darwaza and Boro Sona Masjid.

Kadam Rasool Masjid contains the foot marks of Prophet Mohammad and for the muslims it is a very pious and religious spot for the Muslims. On the other hand Malda is famous for Jahura Kali Temple.

Jahura Kali Temple is situated in Jahura Tala in Malda. The temple is devoted to Jahura Kali Mata, a form of Goddess Chandi.

The temple is open only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

A huge queue assembles on the days of Tuesday and Saturdays. Many devotees offer sarees, incense sticks. Some devotees come for doing puja for their newly bought cars and vehicles. Even goats are given in sacrifice before Jahura Kali Mata.

Those who come to see Lottan Masjid also stay in Malda Guest House. Lottan Masjid is made in the name of a dancer Lottan on whose death the Nawab did built the masjid. At one point of time there used to be coloured bricks in the Masjid. Presently they are missing.

The rooms in the Malda Guest House are spatious. The food offered like mushuri dal, rice, chapatis, curry of potato, brinjal, parval, etc. and even non-vegetarian dishes like chicken dopiyaza, bhuna chicken kasha, etc. are very tasty. The prices are also reasonable.

Those who want to see the Hazarduari Palace in Murshidabad and the other historical places like Jagat Seth’s House, Nashipur Rajbari, Kathgola palace, etc. they are required to stay in the Baharampur Guest House.

The Kathgola Palace has beautiful rose garden where presently mangoes are grown. The palace had historical evidence of life of Dhanpat Dugar and Laksmipat Dugar. There are other important tourist destinations like Katra Mosque and the Motijheel.

The ambience of the Baharampur Guest House is very good. It is blue in colour. The food is tasty including posto (poppy seed) dishes and hilsa, parshe and other fish delicacies. Visitors should find time and stay in the Baharampur Guest House and Malda Guest House.

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