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The craze of devotees in offering puja in Jahura Kali Temple in Malda.

There is great religious sentiment relating to Jahura Kalimata temple.

The craze of devotees in offering puja in Jahura Kali Temple in Malda.
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The article speaks about the sacredness of the Jahura Kali Temple in Malda in the state of West Bengal. Many devotees from different parts of the country come to offer puja.

There is huge craze for giving puja in the Jahura Kali Temple in Malda in India. The Jahura Kali Temple is situated in Malda in Jahura Tala.


It is full of mango trees. The Kali Temple is situated in between the forest with different trees. It is opened only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


The idol of Kali Goddess is in the form of Chandi. Goddess Kali just have red coloured face with the tongue protruding out. There is no existence of the neck and the other parts of the body of Goddess Kali.


People from different parts of India come to offer puja in Jahura Kali Temple in Malda.

A lot of people from Kolkata. From Kolkata the easiest way of reaching Malda is to travel in Shatabdi Express from Howrah. Shatabdi Express takes only 4 and a half hours to reach Malda from Howrah. The train starts at around 2.15 am and reaches Malda at around 7 pm in the evening.


June and July are the best period to visit Jahura Kali Temple. During those days the monsoons begin in West Bengal. As Malda is very hot during the summers from March to May, it is advisable to visit the Jahura Kali Temple at the advent of the monsoons.


The priest in the Jahura Kali temple utters mantras and slokas. Puja is given with lotus flowers, leaves and other sweets. Many devotees offer sarees and other things to Goddess Kali in Jahura Kali Temple. A huge crowd appears on Saturday and Tuesday. A big queue is created because the period of offering puja is very limited.


Many people come to give puja to their vehicle or car or bicycle which they have bought newly. Another set of people kill a goat and offer it to Goddess Kali. Police protection is given whenever the number of people becomes out of control in respect of offering puja.


There are other Kali Temples in Malda. There is another Jahura Kali Temple in Abhirampur. There also devotees offer puja. There is also a Jayantimangala Kali Bhadra Kali Kapalini Temple in the middle of the city of Malda.


Malda is situated at the centre of the state of West Bengal. It shares the border with Bangladesh and near Kotwali Darwaza, India’s border ends.


Whenever visitors get an opportunity to come to Malda with their offerings like flowers, sweets and they should give puja in Jahura Kali Temple in Malda.

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The word Puja in Bengali and Hindi mean offering to God. It can be in the form of flowers and fruits. It can be in the form of sweets. The mantras are uttered by the priest in the language Sanskrit. The devotees repeat what the priest says.


In this article you have mentioned many times for the word puja - what language or dialect it is? And what does it mean? 


Devotees believe that if Jahura Kali Mata is worshipped with a clean mind, God saves the devotees from dangers of life.