The beauty of the Adina Deer Park and Ek Lakshi Mouseleum in Malda.

Visitors should pay visit to Adina Park and Ek Lakshi Mouseleum.

The beauty of the Adina Deer Park and Ek Lakshi Mouseleum in Malda.
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The article speaks about the beauty of the Adina Deer Park in Pandua and the Ek Lakhi Mouseleum which are situated in Malda in the state of West Bengal.

Malda is an important tourist destination for a number of people in different parts of Eastern India. It takes 4 hours by Shatabdi Express to reach Malda from Kolkata.



Adina Park is situated around 20 kilometers from the main city of Malda. Malda is a historical city with lot of ancient monuments existing in Gaur and Pandua. Adina Deer Park is situated in Pandua.


The deer park remains open from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. As Malda has tropical climate it is very hot during the day, so visitors enter the park after 3pm in the afternoon.


The animals that are present in the Deer Park includes Nilgai, spotted deer which is called chitol horin, and other forms of deers. There are different varieties of birds that also exist in the deer park.

June, July and December, January are the best periods.


There are fences being created so that the visitors can only see the deers from outside. Inside the net, the deers are bred in nature friendly environment. There is a huge forest cover.


Ek Lakhi Mouseleum is a beautiful monument in Pandua. It took one lakh rupees to build the mouseleum and that is the reason why it is called Ek Lakhi Mouseleum.


Ek Lakhi Mouseleum, traditionaly known as the mausoleum of Jalaluddin Mohammad Shah, son of Raja Ganesha is the earliest of the extant architectural monuments of its type in Bengal.


As far as the art of the sculpture artist, the inspiration must have been derived from the tomb of Sultan Itltutmish (c 1236 AD), which is located behind the Quwwatul Islam Mosque in Delhi, through the tomb of Ibrahim Bayyu in Bihar Sharif (1353 AD).


It must be remembered tomb structure was not popular in early Islam and gained popularity only with the coming of the turks. The earliest known such square structure is the tomb of Ismail, the Samanid at Bukhara, the original model being perhaps the chahartaq, the four doored Sassanian fire-temple of Iran. Tradition goes that a lakh tankas was spent in its construction and hence the name Eklakhi. The date remains unknown, but generally is taken as the death year of Jalauddin (1433 AD).


If visitors take the pains to visit Malda and Murshidabad, they should drop down in Adina Deer Park and also the Ek Lakshi Mouseleum, if one is a nature’s paradise, the other is a historical monument of wonder.

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