5 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata on One Day Tour

List of Best Places to Visit in Kolkata in One Day

5 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata on One Day Tour
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Kolkata has lot of spectacular places to see. If you are visitng Kolkata on a tight schedule and do not have much time to explore the whole city, here are the best places that you must visit in Kolkata. The best thing is that you could explore all these places in a single day itself. So this list of best places in kolkata would save you time and money. Have a look.

Kolkata is the largest city of Eastern India and is the 3rd most populated metropolitan cities in India after Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is located on the Eastern bank of the Hooghly river. This city is the main center of education, economy and culture of eastern India. Kolkata is World-renowned for it's literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. This city was not only the former capital of India, but it also had the birth place of Indian art and literary spirit of modern India. The people of Kolkata have a particular interest in art and literature.

The various blends of cultures have become Kolkata as one of the major tourist destinations in India. 

Five Best Places to Visit in Kolkata on One Day Trip

1) Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is situated  in Southern Kolkata. After the death of Queen Victoria at the age of 94 in 1901, the white marble stone building was built in her memory. Lord Curzon plans to build this monument. The foundation of this building was established on 4th January 1906. Victoria Memorial is the best example of European architectural style in India. It gave guidance to modern architecture in independent India.

The length of the building is 103.02 meters, the width is 69.49 meters. The Victoria Memorial is comprised of 25 galleries. The main interesting thing of the Victoria Memorial is Queen Victoria's huge statue. and there are two beautiful water bodies on the two sides of the statue. Victoria Memorial is one of the main attractions of Kolkata tourism.

2) Indian Museum

It was established on 2nd February 1914. This is the first museum in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers an area of around 8,000 square meters. Indian Museum is a host to many different types of art are decorated in sixty galleries. Almost one million items are stored there. This multi-purpose organization has many disciplined activities. As a result, it is regarded as an important national institution of India.

3) National Library

It is India’s largest library by volume. It was established in 1836. It is situated on the Belvedere road in Alipore. In the beginning, it's name was 'Calcutta Public Library'. In 1903, Governor General Lord Curzon changed its name. The name was changed to 'Imperial Library'. After independece, it was renamed the National Library of India and opened to the public in 1953. This library is situated on 30 acres of land. There  have been gathered almost 2.6 million books.

4) Saheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar is usually referred to as "Monument". It is located in the northeast corner of the Maidan in the Esplanade region of central Kolkata. The design of the monument was prepared by J. P. Parker. The pillar is 48 meters (157 feet) high. The lower part of this is based on Egyptian architecture. The pillar section is classical flute. Its surface is Syrian style and the domes are of Turkish style. There are two verandahs above. To move to the top of the tower, you have to climb up to 223 steps in a coil-shaped staircase. Construction of the building began in 1825 and completed in 1848. The construction cost of the building was 35 thousand rupees. Burn and Company built this monument.

In August 1969, United Front government devoted this monument to the martyrs who was killed in the Indian independence movement. At that time, this monument was renamed "Shaheed Minar".

5) Science City 

It is basically a science archipelago and a science-centric amusement park. It was made to popularize science to the people of Kolkata. Science City is situated on 50 acres of land at the junction of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and JBS Halden Avenue in eastern Kolkata. Which was inaugurated on 1 July 1997. From now on, it is open to the public for a fixed ticket.

Science City is divided into two parts. A science center (science center), the other  convention center (conference center). Fun and educational exhibitions and patterns have been kept in the center of science. Including Space Exhibition, Dynamosan, Earth Exploration, Maritime Center and Science Park. Each of these departments also showcases various science exhibitions, 3D exhibitions. The conference center consists of a large number of furnished areas for gathering. There is a theater with more than 20,000 seats. There is a mini auditorium where around 400 people can sit. There is a seminar room with the capacity of 15 to 100 people.

So this is the list of five best places to visit in kolkata. Apart from the above list there are many other places to see in kolkata on a short trip as well. 

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