Explaining The Meaning Of The Golden Age

What Does It Mean To Be At The Golden Age?

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Explaining what the Golden Age means as part of my World Facts and Knowledge learning towards the history of the world. The Golden Age as one of man's pinnacle of progress towards the modern life as we know it.

In any civilizations of the world, there will be a period where is reaches its peak and men of this time were also able to accomplish great things. One civilization that is well-known to have reached its peak period was called the “Golden Age of Greece”. This period is between 500 and 429 B.C. But what are man’s significant accomplishments which make this called such?

Before explaining, it is better understand the history of Greece during those times. At first, in early 5th century, the Persians had invaded Greece. But the Greece stood up and pushed the invaders out of their country.

The people who led this war were the Athenians. Because of this, the state of Athens became the richest and the most powerful state in Greece. And no other state had come to challenge the Athenians.

This is because, the Athenians had built the largest and the most advance fleet of ships in the entire Greece. The fleet is larger than the rest of fleets of all the states combined. This resulted to the drastic flow of wealth into Athens to which many are tributes coming from other states while others come from commerce and some comes from silver mines.

As Athens becomes the richest state, so does the rise of its population. At this point, the population of Athens increased four times. Along with all of this large population, power, prosperity and arts of Athens also flourished as never before seen in the entire history of mankind.

This age was called as the “Age of Pericles” after the wise leader of Athens. During this period, Athenians began constructing large buildings. New sorts of building designs emerge from the best building designers of Greece. One of these construction was the Parthenon, considered as one of the most beautiful and famous buildings in the world. During this time, well-known men had emerged to become important people in the history of mankind. These include Phidias, the great sculpture; Socrates, the great teacher; and Sophocles and Euripides, the great playwrights who wrote some of the world’s greatest play.

 At the same time, every Greek was encouraged to help make Athens the most beautiful state in the entire world. This resulted in many masterpiece and arts created by many men. Because of the great deal of wealth and power, the people of Athens also created various forms of leisure. This resulted to its people’s more interest in both the intellectual and cultural aspects of life to which no other society had done before or since.

In later part of the 5th century, war broke down between Greece and Sparta together with their allies. The Athenian way of life began to decline and the “Golden Age” had ended. But, up to this day, many treasures, masterpieces, and works of art had influence the whole world was made during the “Golden Age”.

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