The Desert is made to Bloom in Abu Dhabi with Flowers and Gardens

Greening of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The Desert is made to Bloom in Abu Dhabi with Flowers and Gardens
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The UAE with Abu Dhabi as its capital was one vast desert but petro- dollars and latest horticulture techniques have transformed the area into a blooming garden replete with flowers and water filled ponds

The United Arab Emeritus is a glorious place that is not only the most modern place in the world but a treasure house of greenery and flowers replete with ponds and artificial lakes. It's hard to imagine that just about four decades back this entire area which lies on the edge of the great Arabian desert was one vast land of sand dunes, with an occasional oasis. How did this transformation take place? This is a valid question and the secret is the vast wealth amassed with petrodollars by  Abu Dhabiand Dubai as the leaders.

The vision of the ruling clans led by Shiekh Maktoum has been a factor in this development.True, vast areas are still a desert, which has its own beauty but large areas in the UAE have been transformed into "green belts" and the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi has parks, greenery, gardens, and tree lined boulevards that are a sight to behold. The temperature still rises to 45-50 degrees in summer, but the greenery has made the cities livable and a delight for the visitor, tourist, and the work force.

Abu Dhabi has created a veritable green belt at Alain and it also houses the zoo with the most exotic animals anywhere in the world. More on that later. the capital Abu Dhabi has vast gardens and lakes- artificial of course, but its ingenuity at its best.

How did they do it? The work force came from India and Pakistan and then came the horticulturists who imported the soil in vast ship holds from Pakistan Punjab and even trees were lifted from Punjab in Pakistan and planted. Special de-salination plants to filter sea-water and make it potable were set up and now the UAE which has a long coast line has no shortage of water. The result? greenery all around.


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Guess, those people identified the importance of water and so probably were more keen to harvest it in any possible way. On the other hand, the same isn't the case in India. We have dozens of rivers even from the mythological mention and those rivers still exist. The point is we have rivers here and so hardly have any importance to look at this treasure in that sense. Water is obviously going to be more important to people in the desert dominated areas more. No wonder, they will do everything in their capacity to make the most of what they can.