Ten Exotic Destinations in Pakistan

Ten places to visit Pakistan for a traveller

Ten Exotic Destinations in Pakistan
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Pakistan is one of beautiful countries that offers four season in a year which is a bit of novelty in itself considering that is very few countries to possess such diversity in terms of varied seasons in the land.


Pakistan is country blessed with four seasons therefore adding to its novelty in legion of so many countries in the world. The country is host to so many exotic places for visitors to come and visit the places offering breath-taking images. Pakistan is unique country in the world due to its high mountain peaks, mighty rivers, lush green valleys, mesmerizing lakes and wild life. Here below you will find list of some of the most beautiful places, nature has gifted to Pakistan.


Kalash Valley 

Kalash Valley is one of the best tourist attractions of Pakistan. It is located in the Chitral District in North West of Pakistan. The Valley has historic background which dates back to Alexander era.

When Alexander came to sub-continent conquering half of the world on their return to Greece some people decided to stay here in sub-continent at this due to which the place now known as the Kalash Valley. The people of this valley belong to old Greek civilization with their own culture and religion.  People of Kalash have their centuries old unique and amazing culture. Here people construct their houses on the hill foot with wood and stones. There majority of population depends on agriculture and their cultural crafts. People here live very peaceful life and celebrate many cultural festivals like Uchal Festival, Chomos Festival, Phoo Festival.


Neelum Valley

In the North-east of Muzzafarabad which is the capital of Azad Kashmir, lies 144 kilometre long bow shaped valley named Neelum valley. This valley is surrounded by mountains that add to its heavenly beauty, panoramic views, green pastures. The bustling of Neelum River in the backdrop of most exotic landscapes makes one experience heaven on earth.

Neelum Valley is one of the most attractive destinations for travelers due to its breath-taking landscapes and images that mesmerize your senses to the core. It contains natural waterfalls, lakes, springs and grass meadows. The famous places are Ratti Gali, Athmugum, Baboon,Noori Top, Sharda Fort, Halmet, Kel, Surgon and Sharda University one of the oldest Universities of sub-continent.


Hunza Valley

With around 2500 meters elevation in Gilgit-Baltistan region is host to one of most beautiful places called Hunza Valley. It is a mountainous valley in the North West of Hunza River. It was a princely state for more than 900 years until 1974. This valley lies in extreme north of Pakistan and borders with Xinjiang province of China.

Hunza is one of the most stunning places in Pakistan. Some prominent attractions of Hunza are Rakaposhi Base Camp,  Diran Base Camp, Khunjrab Pass, Attabad Lake, Hoper Glacier, Nagar and Baltit Fort.


Kaghan Valley

Kaghan valley is one another tourist attraction which has lot to offer to nature lovers. This beautiful valley lies in north East of Manshera district in lower Himalayan region. Kaghan is famous for its green mountains, streams, springs and beautiful lakes. This is one of the charming tourists resorts in Hazara Division. Some prominent attractions of Kaghan Valley are Shogran, Sri Pay, Naran, Saif-ul-Maluk Lake, Lulusar Lake, Dudipat Lake, Ansu Lake and many more along the way.


Swat Valley

Swat Valley is dubbed as Switzerland of Pakistan and is an administrative district of KPK province. Swat Valley has many attractions for its visitors Malam Jabba (Famous Skiing Resort), Kalam Valley, Madyan, Mahodand Valley, Ushu Valley and many other natural attractions.


Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park is situated in Skardu in north of Pakistan. In local language Deosai means “Summer’s Place” as it is only accessible in summer season. This national park covers an area of 3,000 square kilometers at an average alleviation of 4,114 meters making it second highest plateau of the world after Chang Thang plateau of Tibet. Deosai Plains are famous for their flora and fauna. In spring season it is covered by wide variety of colorful wild flowers and beautiful butterflies. Deosai is home to Himalayan Brown Bear due to which in 1993 it was declared as a protected national park to protect the endangered wild life. It is also home to Himalayan Ibex, Red Fox, Grey Wolf, Golden Marmot, Ladatk Urial, Snow Leopard, and many species of beautiful birds.



Shangrila valley and resort is situated in the extreme north of Pakistan in Skardu District. It is famous tourist attraction at only 25 minutes’ drive from Skardu city. It is famous for its beauty and the architecture of its rest houses which adds to its beauty.


Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake and a famous tourist attraction situated near Rawalakot, District Bagh in Azad Kashmir. The lake is surrounded by dense pine forests and lush green mountains with the altitude of 6,499 feet above sea level.



Murree is situated in the north of Islamabad on 25 minutes drive. It is summer hill station and one of the most accessible tourist sites. It is sub-division of Rawalpindi district. In the British rule Murree used to be the summer capital of Punjab Province. It has many tourist attractions including Mall Road, Nathia Gali, Ayubia, Ghora Gali, Sozo Water Park and many beautiful sites along the way to Murree.


Pir Sohawa

At the distance of 17 kilometres from Islamabad, Pir Sohawa is situated on the top of lush green Margalla hills. Pir Sohawa is rapidly developing tourist attraction of Pakistan and the Government is planning to invest in this area to promote tourism in the region.

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