100 Greatest Warriors and Warrior Kings

Top 100 Warriors and Warrior Kings

100 Greatest Warriors and Warrior Kings
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The term warrior is associated with a brave or experienced soldier, warrior king or fighter. Warriors fought battles of conquest for self or for Kings, Emperors, or influential members in the high dynasty. This article showcases an epic list of warriors and warrior kings, brave hearts who gave courage and valor new meaning.

Some of the bloodiest battles Kings and Emperors have fought and won owe a great deal to warriors. Great warriors belonging to different ranks right from soldier to King have become heroes in battle and warfare. While a number of warrior Kings found glory and honor in history’s pages, not all warriors from low ranks in armies earned the glory they deserved. A number of warrior kings have got credit for bravery and battles won; however warriors in low ranks have seldom been talked about. Without warriors it was impossible for Kings and Emperors to overcome their enemy. It required bravado and courage of warriors for Kings, Rulers and Emperors to defeat their enemy in battle.

The blood and gore on battlefields is a stark reminder that warriors and warrior kings fought a number of bloody battles in a bid to conquer territory.

Warriors, warrior kings and fighters were known for their expertise in different areas of warfare such as fighting, unarmed combat, swordsmanship, spear/pike attacks, set-piece battle, shield-wall formations, strategy, shock combat, and archery, and were influential in helping Kings, Emperors and Rulers win battles. Since ancient times Kings have considered warriors the chosen ones by God to fight battles.    

A number of warriors in history were given the right to report directly to the King instead of the assigned commanders or generals. Certain warriors were given special privileges by Kings and Emperors because of their courage, bravery and expertise at warfare. Kings also hired the services of warriors or fighters to fight their battles with their armies against the enemy. History reveals battles won by Kings and Emperors were due the heroics of fearless warriors. Every ancient army equipped with the best weapons of war needed the courage and daring of warriors and warrior kings to defeat their enemy.     

The exploits and heroics of warriors mentioned in the pages of history are miniscule when compared with the same of Kings, Rulers and Emperors, however, the truth is no King, Ruler or Emperor could have won their battles on the battlefield if it weren’t the bravery and courage of warriors. In all the bloody battles of armies that have taken place on earth, it was the fortitude of warriors that helped Kings and Emperors emerge victorious. The resilience, mettle, valor of fearless warriors in history is often shadowed by the glory of Kings they fought for. However, every King, Emperor and Ruler knew it all too well that it was impossible to exploit and defeat the enemy without warriors.   

Some of the greatest and deadliest warriors and warrior kings fought many battles for Kings and Rulers bringing them pomp and glory. While warriors and warrior kings gave blood for their land, not many found glory.

The lines below are an ode to the greatest warriors and warrior Kings, their courage, determination and bravery cannot be expressed in words. The list also includes heroes and warriors from mythology.  

The list is not an attempt at ranking warriors or warrior kings rather a celebration of glory each deserves.

100 Greatest Warriors and Warrior Kings

  1. Achilles
  2. Genghis Khan
  3. Marcus Cassius Scaeva
  4. Hannibal Barca
  5. Tlahuicole
  6. Miyamoto Musashi
  7. Alexander the Great
  8. Pyrrhus of Epirus
  9. Cuauhtemoc
  10. Vald the Impaler
  11. Perseus
  12. Leonidas of Sparta
  13. Xiahou Dun
  14. Hercules
  15. Arminnius
  16. Eric Bloodaxe
  17. Richard The Lionheart
  18. Spartacus
  19. Bhishma
  20. Yue Fei
  21. Miltiades
  22. Hector
  23. Vercingetorix
  24. Alaric the Visigoth
  25. Basil 2 (“The Bulgar-Slayer”)
  26. Horatius Cocles
  27. Lu Bu
  28. Galvarino
  29. Indrajit (Meghanada)
  30. Scipio Africanus
  31. Julius Caesar
  32. Prithivi Raj Chauhan
  33. Count Roland
  34. Attila The Hun
  35. Gunnar Hamundarson
  36. Ajax the Great
  37. William Marshal, 1 st Earl of Pembroke
  38. Egill Skallagrimsson
  39. Prince Rupert of the Rhine
  40. Flamma
  41. Erik The Red
  42. Sun Tzu
  43. Napoleon Bonaparte
  44. Harald Hardrada
  45. Arminius
  46. Odysseus
  47. Gaius Marius
  48. Sohrab
  49. Ragnar Lodbrok
  50. Arjuna
  51. William Wallace
  52. Beawulf
  53. Harald Fairhair
  54. Karna
  55. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
  56. Jason
  57. Germanicus
  58. Bjorn Ironside
  59. Nero Claudius Drusus
  60. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  61. Agis 3
  62. El Cid
  63. Bertrand du Guesclin
  64. Aristodemus
  65. Robert The Bruce
  66. Krishna 3
  67. Mehmed the Conquerer
  68. Lucius Cornelius Sulla
  69. Timur
  70. Gnaeus Julius Agricola
  71. John Hawkwood
  72. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
  73. Khalid ibn al-Walid
  74. Alexander Nevsky
  75. Khutulun
  76. Bai Qi
  77. Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy
  78. Theseus
  79. Ivar the Boneless
  80. Rostam
  81. Saladin
  82. Pier Gerlofs Donia
  83. Wilfred The Hairy
  84. Oliver de Clisson
  85. Edward The Black Prince
  86. Cyrus The Great
  87. Emperor Taizong of Tang (Li Shimin)
  88. Baji Rao 1
  89. Cú Chulainn
  90. Esfandiyar
  91. Quang Trung (Nguyen Hue)
  92. Subutai
  93. Hemu Vikramaditya
  94. Huo Qubing
  95. Maharana Pratap
  96. Li Dingguo
  97. Godfrey of Bouillon
  98. Raja Raja Chola
  99. Jean 2 Le Maingre (Boucicaut)
  100. Xiang Yu

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Though there are few missing on the list and some popular ones like Gobind Singh, but still it is an interesting list. You can not include everyone in the list of 100. Good article!! Keep posting!!


India is a land of warriors and their history has been very interesting. Some of the warriors were popular Kings too. Your list is amazing..covers the popular ones, the well known ones as well as those who were not so well known.


Missing from the list are Shivaji Maharaj Banda Singh Bahdur & Hari Singh Nalwa. Guru Gobind Singh baptized warriors from amongst all caste of Hindus who fought tyranny.


Very interesting article just up my alley of interest, history. Thank you for showing off this article on experts column.