Best Places to visit in Belgium

Must Visit Places in Belgium

Best Places to visit in Belgium
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A place known for its diverse culture, Belgium is a country that attracts hordes of tourists all year round. Home to several heritage sites, this country is also known for its ethereal sophistication in architectural styles. This article highlights the best places to visit in Belgium.

Belgium is a place where modern architectural styles blend beautifully with sinfully beautiful monuments, buildings, and museums of yesteryears. The official languages in this region are French, Dutch and German. Different cities in this beautiful country exhibit a plethora of museums, art, architecture, and landscapes that leave tourists speechless. Guided tours around the country are popular among tourists on a tight holiday schedule. If you’re on a long vacation make sure you explore every city you visit on foot, or a bicycle, it’s a beautiful feeling.  

What makes Belgium a special Destination

Brussels, the capital of Belgium is an administrative hub known for its vibrancy.

A poetic mix of neo-classical medieval structures along with towering skyscrapers, Brussels is visited by a large number of tourists and business travelers. Churches, museums, guild houses and art galleries in this city are extremely popular with tourists. ‘Grand Place’, is the majestic town square where people love to meet and explore. A city frequently visited by tourists in Belgium is Antwerp. The gothic cathedrals and the works of artists such as Van Dyck and Rubens gather huge crowds.

The flawless infrastructure and transport in Belgium is well planned. Every city in this country has a variety to offer. From highly sophisticated ultra modern and classical styled hotels to picturesque landscapes, Belgium has it all. The renowned waffles, chocolates, beer and mussels are something you just can’t resist. For the fashion conscious, numerous clothes boutiques offer a variety of designer brands, while food aficionados can get spoilt for choice at eateries and restaurants. Although there are several tourist attractions in Belgium, here’s a list of places you must visit.


  • Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal (Gothic Cathedral)
  • Antwerp Castle
  • The Meir (Shopping Street)
  • Osterrieth House
  • Diamond Workshops
  • Royal Museum of Fine Art


  • Grand Place
  • Musees Royaux des Beaux-Arts
  • Brussels Cathedral
  • Church of Notre Dame du Sablon
  • Musee des Instruments de Musique (MIM)


  • Belfort Tower
  • Heilig Bloedbasiliek (Basilica of the Holy Blood)
  • The Gothic Hall
  • Groeninge Museum
  • Chocolate Museum (Choco- Story)
  • Boudewijnpark (Theme Park)


  • St Michielsbrug
  • Bijlokemuseum
  • Gravensteen (Castle)


  • Bokrijk (Open Air Museum)
  • Heempark, Molenvijverpark (Nature reserves)
  • Europlanetarium
  • Kattenvennen Park


  • St Quentin’s Cathedral
  • National Genever Museum
  • Japanese Tuin (Japanese garden)

Konkke- Heist

  • Zwin (Nature Reserve)
  • Butterfly Garden


  • Kortrijk 1302 (Museum)
  • National Flax Museum
  • Broel Towers


  • Old Square
  • Stella Artois (Brewery)
  • National Scouts Museum

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