Places to visit in Dubai

Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Places to visit in Dubai
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In this article, I am listing and describing the five most interesting places to check out in Dubai.

If you plan to visit UAE in the near future and don’t know where to begin sight-seeing, this article will provide some good ideas to you. Dubai is by far the most interesting state in UAE so I will tell you some places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

This one is obvious, isn’t it? Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is present on every tourism campaign by UAE. It is a beautiful building, all glittering and majestic. Having a height of 828 meters and 163 floors, it is definitely a sight to take a look at. Watching the world down below from the top of the world’s tallest building is an experience worth having. The top of Burj Khalifa is especially made for tourists to come and take pictures and have a look around the city and buy souvenirs.

Dubai Mall

While we are talking about Burj Khalifa, let’s talk about Dubai Mall as well.

This mall is where the entrance of Burj Khalifa is located. In addition to that, this mall has several beautiful features like the Fountain, Aquarium and ice-skating rink. The Aquarium is exquisite and one can see a diverse variety of fish inside. The ice-skating rink is a huge one and you can have all the fun you want there if you are a skating enthusiast. The shops themselves are also great but the mall is worth checking just for the attractions listed above.

Ibn-e-Battuta Mall

This is one of the most interesting and beautiful malls in the whole of UAE, in my opinion. If you’re interested in history, this would be a treat for you. It is made on the theme of the journeys of Moroccan traveler Ibn-e-Battuta and there is a section of the mall dedicated to each place/continent he visited and his journey is chronicled there in the form of pictures and objects. There is a Persian Court, Egyptian Court, China Court, etc which are designed according to the culture of each place and are simply awesome to visit. This mall is a must-see on your trip to Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park

So far, we have been talking about indoor fun but if you love water and the sun, you’d love this place. There are lots of fun rides here that drop you right from a height to the water below with a lot of fun twists and turns in between. Besides the rides, there is a lazy river where you can just float on the water as it takes you along and a really cool artificial sea. You can spend the whole day there, just lounging on the beach chairs and enjoying the water and sun. All in all, this water park is an awesome experience and you should definitely check it out.


Sunlight and beaches are in ample supply in UAE. The water of most beaches is clean and calm. There a lot of beaches to choose from. Mamzar beach park is famous because it has a lot of facilities and places to eat, besides the beach. You can spend the whole day there, enjoying the beach and then going up to one of the restaurants to have lunch/dinner. Besides Mamzar, there is Jumeriah Beach Park, Russian Beach, Kite Beach, Burj Beach, etc. However, as nice as they are, you are unlikely to find a quiet beach in UAE with a lonely strip all to yourself. So, if you want to enjoy a beach all by yourself, you’ll have to come at a time when many tourists and locals aren’t around, like the weekday or during office timings.

I hope this article comes in handy to you when you’re packing your suitcases to visit Dubai next time!







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