Top 10 Beach Shacks in Goa

Best beach shacks in goa

Top 10 Beach Shacks in Goa
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Beach shacks and beach huts are an integral part of Goa. This article showcases a list of the best beach shack restaurants in Goa.

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The white sand beaches are among the best in the world. When it comes to food and drink there is a lot that Goa has to offer. Beach shacks are insanely popular with tourists. When in Goa, make it a point to sit at a beach shack and watch the world move lazily as your sip your drinks and nibble on the tastiest delicacies.

Both North Goa and South Goa have their share of pristine beaches peppered with beach shacks. If you love the shack life make sure you avoid visiting Goa during the rainy season, from June to August.

Beach shacks are closed during these three months because the rains are torrential. The best time to visit Goa is during the holiday season from October to April. The beach shacks are lit up beautifully during the festive season and a number of beach shacks are open late night.

Every beach shack has its own charm and specialty. The service at most beach shacks is too good to be true. When you are sitting at a beach shack in Goa you can be assured your needs and requirements are taken care. Many owners of beach shacks personally attend to needs of their guests. The warmth and friendly nature of people working at beach shacks has to be experienced, it cannot be expressed in words. Many beach huts also offer eco-friendly beach hut accommodation for the budget traveler. Majority of foreign tourists love staying at beach huts and beach tents to experience the eco-friendly way of life.

The cuisine at beach shacks is prepared as per your requirement. You can ask for a dish to be prepared in accordance with your taste buds. If you like certain ingredients in your food, go right ahead and tell the chef, your favorite dish will be served the way you like it. It’s this personalized service that connects with guests at a beach hut in Goa. Many beach hut restaurants play lounge music, however, you can request for a song of your choice, if the guy/girl behind the console has the song, your request will be played. On weekends many beach shacks have live music or karaoke nights. Goa has variety when it comes to beaches. Rocky beaches, virgin beaches, serene beaches and beaches bustling with activity, Goa has it all. Every beach shack in North Goa and South Goa has a unique identity and vibe. The list below is a detailed perspective on some of the best beach shacks in Goa.

Top 10 Beach Shacks in Goa

1. Curlies Beach Shack- Anjuna

One of the best hangouts in Goa has got to be Curlies. You will love it even more if trance music runs in your veins. Curlies is one of the most picturesque beach shacks in Goa. Located on the far end of Anjuna, this shack has excellent cuisine. The seafood at this beach shack is delicious. This view of the seafront from Curlies is mesmerizing. If you like fish, you will love the rechaedo masala fry red snapper here. Furthermore, the layout and aesthetics have lazy-cozy warmth. At night this place looks marvelous with lighting. Couples, friends, the lonely traveler, this shack is for everybody.

2. Calamari Beach Shack-Candolim

Calamari Beach Shack in Candolim is a large beach shack that offers variety in cuisine. Located on Dando Beach close to Santana Beach Resort, this beach shack has a vibe you can truly call its own. If you like live performances, you might love what you see and hear at this shack. The food is a bit expensive, but if you consider the portions on every dish you won’t be disappointed. The fish variety available here is incredible. The food portions are massive, and yes the food is delicious. If you want to laze around at a beach shack with good food and drinks, Calamari is the place to be.

3. Brittos Beach Shack- Baga

A beach shack you shouldn’t miss while you are in Goa is Britto’s. Located on Baga beach, Brittos offers excellent food and ambiance. Cocktail enthusiasts will be thrilled with what they find here. Furthermore, this beach restaurant perfectly epitomizes the Goan vibe. Baga is a crowded beach, and Brittos is a large shack with plenty of space. If you want a seaside view its best to go early during the day. As the day progresses the place is swollen with people. You have to wait your turn to find a table during the holiday season. If you like a place bustling with activity, Brittos is the place for you. The batter fried calamari served with a generous portion of French fries makes an awesome starter dish with drinks.

4. Café Del Mar- Palolem

Palolem beach in Cancona district is considered by many tourists as the most beautiful beach in Goa. This beach borders Karwar, a beautiful coastal town in Karnataka, so you can have the best of both worlds quite literally if you head to this Southern tip of Goa. Palolem beach looks like a gigantic glittering necklace at night. The beach shacks look beautiful when they are lit up at night. There are many beach shacks on Palolem beach, however, one that towers above the rest is Café Del Mar. This beach shack is beautifully designed. The service at this shack is excellent. There’s a lot you can try food-wise at this restaurant, however, the Goan fish curry and steamed rice along with grilled fish is to die for. Unlike some shacks in Goa that charge a fortune for food, this shack offers quality food and large portions at an affordable price. The desserts served here are in a league of their own. Café Del Mar also offers accommodation in the form of beach huts and beach tents at an affordable price.

5. Bobby’s Shack- Candolim (North Goa)

One of the of the older beach shacks tourists like to visit regularly is Bobby’s shack. This is a quaint little shack on Candolim beach. These guys have what is called the ‘Wedensday night Barbecue’ and the ‘Sunday Roast’, which is immensely popular with tourists from India and abroad. There is a variety of food on offer at Bobby’s shack. The Goan fish preparations at this place are amazing. A good time to visit this place is in the evening. The view of the seafront is beautiful and you seem to get stuck momentarily in time gazing at the view.

6. Baxters Beach Shack- Ashvem

One of the most aesthetically designed beach shacks in North Goa has got to be Baxters. This beach shack is a chic place located on the Morjem- Ashvem stretch and it’s a haven for tourists and revelers. This place is an inside-outside restaurant spread over a lush area of 3 acres. The beach bar at Baxters is one of the best in Goa. There are a cluster of small little stalls in the Baxters area that offer ethnic art and craft. The food is expensive but, you will be licking the knives, forks, spoons, or your hands. Every bite is an explosion of flavor. There is a boutique bazaar that happens on Fridays, and guests seem to love this boutique bazaar. Baxters is the perfect place to relax and laze. Lastly, the sunset views from Baxters on Ashvem beach are mesmerizing.

7. Sandpat Beach Shack- Colva

If you love diversity in seafood, you should visit Sandpat Beach Shack in Colva, South Goa. This family run shack is a little on the deep end of Colva, which makes it a quiet and calm place. This is no fancy beach shack, but rather a shack that helps you rejuvenate. It’s a great place to have light snacks and relax amidst the quiet and calm that surrounds this place. The spring rolls here are incredibly tasty. Sandy and Patrick (Sandpat) run this place. The duo is loved by guests for their warmth and hospitality they bring along with lip smacking food.

8. La Plage- Ashvem-Mandrem

La Plage is a French fusion restaurant known for its food and ambience. This place is beautiful on the eyes. The space at this beach shack has been used creatively. The portions served may not suffice the Indian appetite, but if you love experimental food with a French touch, you cannot miss this beach restaurant. The beach bar has variety of thirst quenchers, and yes you will come across quite a few drinks/ cocktails you haven’t tasted in your life on earth. The mushroom risotto with chicken served at this place is in every sense divine. The service is excellent, and to top it all you have beautiful sunset views sitting at La Plage.

9. Café La Musica- Baga

If you want a feel of plush interiors and excellent food, Café la Musica has got to be on your quintessential pick during a Goan holiday. This is definitely one of the most well maintained shacks in Goa. Café La Musica has a delicious variety of South East Asian cuisine. The spicy chilly fish offering in Malaysian cuisine is delicious. Also, the Thai papaya salad served at this place has incredible flavor. If you are in search of good food and great ambience on a beachfront, your search ends here.  

10. Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Beach Shack- Calangute    

If you want to experience the feeling of being in a lazy heaven, you need to make your way to Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Beach Shack. Like most Goan beach shacks, this one too is known for its warmth and hospitality. The sea food at this place is delicious. You shouldn’t miss the grilled tiger prawns served here, lip-smacking delicious. Furthermore, this has got to be one of the most reasonably priced beach restaurants in Goa. If you love vibrancy at shacks, Rudy’s Golden Mermaid Beach Shack should be your choice.

Make sure you visit the aforementioned beach shacks when you visit Goa. These beach shacks will be an integral part of beautiful memories. Here’s hoping your Goan holiday remains fresh in your heart and mind forever…Cheers!

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