Raktakarabi Resort in Shantiniketan has maintained serenity.

Visitors should stay in Raktakarabi Resort in Shantiniketan, the land of Tagore.

Raktakarabi Resort in Shantiniketan has maintained serenity.
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Raktakarabi resort in Karugram, Shantiniketan is an excellent resort. It had maintained serenity and the natural beauty of countryside. Birbhum is a beautiful district with green farmlands.

Shantiniketan is known all over the world for the world famous university called Biswabharati created by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. For the last 100 years, Professors, Artists, singers, talented persons from different parts of the world had come in Biswabharati and glorified the respective fields where they imparted education. There are eminent names of Indians who excelled in their fields in Shantiniketan, including rabindrasangeet singer Kanika Bandopadhyay, Suchitra Mitra, Dwijen Mukherjee, Subinoy Roy, etc. , eminent artists like Ramkinkor Beij, directors like Satyajit Ray who spend important phase of their lives in Biswabharati, Shantiniketan. Even Ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi spend her childhood in Shantiniketan.


Visitors come from every part of the world to Shantiniketan to visit Biswabharati and the beautiful countryside of district of Birbhum. There are a number of religious places in Birbhum as well.

There is Tarapith, the famous temple of Goddess Kali named Tarama. Many devotees from different parts of the country come to offer puja to Goddess Tarama in Tarapith temple. There is also Bakreshwar Usma Kund. There is natural hot spring in Bakreshwar Usma Kund. The hot water has healing effect on the skin of the people. There is famous mahadev temple in Bakreshwar. There is one of ekanno pith in Bakreshwar where the Goddess is worshipped.


Raktakarabi in Karugram, Shantiniketan is a really beautiful resort for the visitors. It has been built in a manner such that the visitors can feel that they are in a village and staying in native huts.


There are two-storied cottages in Raktakarabi. Both the stories are in the form of huts. There are beds on both the floors. But the bathrooms are in the ground floors. In the countryside in West Bengal, India, whenever people built two storied houses, the bathrooms are always built in the ground floors.


The upper floors are built out of wood. So whenever visitors walk on the first floor, the noise comes in the ground floor in the form of soothing sound. The stairs have railings built out of horns of deers.


What attracts the visitors the most is the green vegetation in Karugram, Raktakarabi. There are a huge number of plants and trees. It includes flowering plants like hibiscus plants, rose plants, tulsi plants, sunflower plants, etc. At the same time there are fruit-bearing trees like orange trees, banana trees, apple trees, etc. At the same time there are banyan trees, neem trees, mango trees.


November and December are the best period to visit Shantiniketan. It is beautiful weather in this part of the world. At this time the Bengali season called hemanta appears. The minimum temperatures hover around 12 to 14 degree centigrade. The maximum temperatures hover around 25 to 27 degree centigrade.


There is a beautiful pond at the centre of Karugram Raktakarabi. The restaurant of Raktakarabi is situated at the entry place of the resort. The food in Raktakarabi is absolutely brilliant.


There are delicious alu ka paratha, dahi, bread butter, and other food. If visitors want they can have puri cholar dal as well. The standard of food in Raktakarabi Karugram is very high. The cooks of Raktakarabi Karugram are very polite and caring. They ask the travelers what do they want to have during lunch, dinner and breakfast. The staff first take the orders, then they go to the market and do the purchase of vegetables, food items, fresh fishes and then the cooking is done. There are a lot of visitors who come from Kolkata. When they are travelling in Shantiniketan express from Kolkata, which takes 2 and a half hours to reach Shantiniketan, the staff of Karugram, Raktakarabi ring them and ask for their orders and then go the market to purchase fishes, vegetables, etc.


During lunch, there is a wide variety of food items. There is rice, ghee. Then there is delicious mugger dal, with jhuri jhuri alubhaja. The potatoes are cut into thin pieces and fried. Whenever visitors come to stay in Shantiniketan, they prefer the food of the countryside.


One of the delicacies that visitors prefer in Karugram Raktikarabi include poster bora. Even aluposto or jhinge posto is eaten by the visitors. Posto includes poppy seeds. They are cultivated and converted into powder. They are expensive and eaten with different vegetables.  In respect of fish curries, rohu curry or katla curry is provided. The drinking water of Shantiniketan is so good, that visitors feel hungry over there and eat more they eat in the urban cities.


At night visitors prefer chicken curry or mutton curry with roti. Salad is provided. There is a beautiful carom board which is in the form of match board. Visitors find fun in playing carom in the evening at the drawing room near the restaurant.

The entire place is serene and secluded. There is no noise and commotion and the chattering of people found in urbanized places. People get a scope to witness sunrise and sunset everyday across the rice fields.


There is TV in each cottage, but visitors prefer to live a rural life quite away from the different technological gazettes. So walking at dawn and dusk alongside the beautiful rice fields is a lifetime experience. There is beautiful sound of native birds including hens, nightingales, crickets, etc.


In the recent past the shooting of film Byomkesh and Chiriakhana took place. Jishu Sengupta played the role of Byomkesh and Saswata Chatterjee played the role of Ajit. The film was remake of the film Chiriakhana directed by Satyajit Ray in 1967. In that film Bengali superstar Uttam Kumar played the role of Byomkesh Bakshi. The beautiful countryside was depicted in the film and Karugram Raktakarabi resort amazed the viewers. It was not possible to do the shooting for the film in urbanized place Kolkata where the story of writer Saradindu Bandopadhyay required a countryside where animals and birds were reared. So Raktakabari played the ideal spot for shooting of the film. The film became a big hit.

If visitors come to Shantiniketan to spend few days away from busy urbanized life, they should prefer Raktakarabi where it will be a stay amidst nature and natural habitat.

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