The Taprospa Resort in Beruwala Sri Lanka is a nature's paradise.

The sands, blue sea, romantic breeze of Taprospa Sri Lanka are awesome.

The Taprospa Resort in Beruwala Sri Lanka is a nature's paradise.
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Sri Lanka has exotic beaches. Taprospa in Beruwala, Sri Lanka is famous for beautiful swimming pool, romantic beaches, yellow sands and brilliant sea breeze. Travellers should visit it in their lifetime.

The Taprospa Resort in Beruwala Sri Lanka is a nature’s paradise. The entire resort is built around huge acres of land adjacent to the Indian ocean.


The entire place from Beruwala to Kosgoda and Bentota is fringed by exotic beaches and beautiful sea waters. The sea waters look absolutely blue.


Travellers come to Sri Lanka from different countries around the world including India, Australia, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, to name a few. They come to this place to admire and face tropical climate.


Whenever travellers come to Taprospa resort they are treated with welcome drink. Sri Lanka is famous for hospitality. The resort authorities not only provide soft drinks to the travellers but also the transport persons.


Travellers with their families including mothers, wives, sons, daughters travel to the place.

They really get enchanted with the hospitality. Travellers stay in different floors of the resort, first floor or second floor.


There is a beautiful swimming pool in Tapro Spa resort. The swimming pool has warm water. Sri Lanka is a tropical country. In the winter months, that is December and January, temperatures hover around 18 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius. In that weather it is fun swimming in the pool. The depth of the pool is around 4 feet, so there is no fear of drowning even for learners of swimming like children. Beautiful blue tiles are fitted at the bottom of the pool, so in transparent water, the pool looks blue. Travellers swim both in the morning and evening.


The sea beach is adjacent to the beautiful swimming pool. The beach is beautiful. The colour of the sands are pale white. It is darker than the white sands of Radhanagar beach of Havelock Island but lighter than the yellow beaches of Covalam and Chennai in India. There is enclosure created around the beaches. Travellers swim in the clean blue waters of the sea. The Indian ocean is vast and huge. So from one part of the beach nothing can be seen other than the deep blue sea and the clear blue sky.


From Beruwala travellers make a plan to go to Kosgoda. They travel with their cars. There are rental cars also available in the place. Kosgoda is famous for the beautiful turtle hatchery. The turtles are nurtured in that area. It is a great effort on the part of State of Sri Lanka. Turtles are taken to the beaches adjacent to the hatchery where they lay their eggs. The eggs are collected by the officials of the hatchery and brought back to the hatchery. In that way they are prevented from being eaten by the predators. In the beaches right from frogs, sea shells many marine creature live. So if there is no protection for the eggs, they can be eaten by the predators.


In the Kosgoda hatchery, there are small manmade pools created where the child turtles are kept. They swim in the water and are given food by the authorities. During the Tsunami the entire hatchery was once washed out. But again with the efforts of the interested people the entire hatchery was re-constructed. For travellers it is a marvelous experience. Travellers are allowed to carry the turtles and take pictures with them.


In the evenings the travellers spend time in the beaches of Beruwala and Bentota. The setting sun creates a heavenly atmosphere over there. The sea water looks crimson in the dusk time. The evenings are really beautiful with soft sea breeze in the place. At night a band of musicians play music with the musical instruments like guitars, synthesizers, drums, etc. The travellers have their dinners under moon light. It is also a lovely experience to witness the moon on a clear night.


Taprospa provides complimentary breakfast. The breakfast is really heavy with milk, cereal flakes, tea, coffee, boiled eggs, omelettes, chicken sausages, apples, bananas, dry fruits, toasts and Indian food items like dosas, idlis. Lunch in the Resort is also brilliant with sardine fish curry, rice and dinners are also brilliant with sea food like prawns, shrimps, chapatis, chutneys, papad, to name a few. The travellers are really delighted to stay in the beautiful rooms of Tapro Spa. The dining halls are decorated with tables having wooden works from reputed builders.


Many travellers book cars and visit the Pinawella elephant orphanage from the Resort in Tapro Spa. It is another brilliant destination of Sri Lanka. The orphan elephants are kept in the place and nurtured. They get food and are taken to nearby river for having bath.


Travellers can buy bottles of milk and feed the small elephants. They are harmless and greet the travellers. The lunch is provided in a hotel which is adjacent to the river where the elephants are taken to have bath. It is a treat for the eyes to see the elephants playing and dancing in the river waters.


Sri Lanka is famous for many destinations. But travellers come to Tapro Spa resort to relax. There are many Spa parlours. The Sri Lankan herbal spa is famous all over the world. There are many herbal oils and ayurvedic oils which are applied on the bodies. It is a relaxing experience. Herbal teas are also offered to the travellers. Then they can have steam on their body which reduces their weight.


If Kandy in Sri Lanka is famous for the Temple of the Tooth of Lord Buddha, Peradenniya Botanical Garden, Colombo is famous for Galle Green and brilliant administrative buildings, Beruwala is famous for the exotic sea front. The Sri Lankan beaches are ranked among the 10 best beaches all over the world just after the famous beaches of Barcelona, Spain, white beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, white beaches of Pattaya and Coral Islands of Thailands and exotic beaches of Bali, Indonesia.


Travellers should spare some time and visit the exotic beaches of Beruwala. The entire week that they will spend in Tapros Spa, they will never forget in their lifetime. December and January is the best time to travel. From Kolkata travellers can take Spice Jet flights to Chennai. From there they can take Spice Jet flights or Air India flights and reach Colombo in Sri Lanka. Immigration requirements are required to be fulfilled. It is a lifetime experience.


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