How Friendly and Flexible Is the Flix Bus Service?

Couldn't Flixbus go a step further in pleasing its passengers?

How Friendly and Flexible Is the Flix Bus Service?
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One confusion led to a notable mistake while waiting for a Flixbus connection, but the bus service could have minimized the pain or agitation felt. Flexibility, or a bit of movement here or there is a better way for a user-friendly service.

I had a good stint travelling around a lot of Europe, visiting some of its key destinations during this July and August. To make the occasion cheap and presumably as painless as could be, I used buses to get me to and from those places.

You might think, given the buses are clean, comfortable with a toilet fitted in the interior and free Wifi available, that nothing could be more sophisticated and convenient - except for a bit of give-and-take on behalf of one bus company. This, with all the easy modernity around these days, would be equally forthcoming. Well, you'd be wrong - or maybe it's just me.

I used two major European bus services. One French, called 'Ouibus,' and another 'Flixbus' which I'm not sure is French or not on more than one occasion.

Everything went reasonably well, except for one occasion when I missed a connection between Zurich and Salzburg at Munich. I waited in the wrong bay area, but I thought there was only one bay for buses going to Salzburg.

The actual bus bay for my connection was a few yards from where I waited. Consequently I missed the connection. It was only by agreeing to pay an extra twenty or so Euros, that I was able to board the later bus, because it wasn't my original booking.

Don't you think it would have been in the company's best interest and in a sprit of goodwill to let me on the later bus without having to suffer the extra expense. In other words, let the company live up to its logo of 'Flix' by being more flexible considering I'd already booked through the bus company for their privilege?

Unfortunately, it was firm 'no.' After all, Flixbus hadn't lost any money - not really. It was me - a valued customer.

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