Romanian Landmarks: The Rasnov Citadel

Rasnov- a Citadel for Eternity

Romanian Landmarks: The Rasnov Citadel
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The Rasnov Citadel is one of the most fascinating historical sites which can be visited in the Romanian county of Brasov.

One of the most attractive objectives for tourists who visit the Brasov County,a region which has a lot of wonderful sights to offer those who travel there , is represented by the Rasnov Citadel, a fortess situated on a steep hill near the town of Rasnov, only a few kilometers away from the city of Brasov.

Those who are curious to learn more about the history of the region will undoubtedly find a visit to the Rasnov Citadel very informative because the restoration works were very well done and the mighty citadel looks very close to the way it was centuries ago when it was a vital place for the locals which could find refuge whenever the lands below were threatened by foreign invaders. The medieval citadel is believed to be built somewhere between 1221 and 1225 during the rule of teutonic knights, but there isn’t any strong evidence of this. For centuries its strategic position and fortified walls offered protection to people from this part of Transylvania. It managed to resist Ottoman sieges, the first one in 1421, and it offered shelter for a while to Michael the Brave, one of the most significant figures in Romanian history because he was the first who managed to unite the principalities of Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania in 1600.

 The Rasnov Citadel had a very rich and troubled history; it was first conquered in 1612, then it was partially destroyed by a big fire and even an earthquake, and after 1850 it was basically abandoned and it became a ruin. However, during the communist regime its restoration begins, and now it proudly waits for its visitors which can reach it either by foot or by a tractor which has a cariage attached to it, an alternative which seems to be preferred by most tourists since it only takes a few minutes to be up on the hill. After passing the main entrance, a visitor will discover an authentic medieval fortress built of stones, bricks and wood, that will make the medieval experience as real as possible.

Walking along the narrow paths and then climbing up to a point when the whole valley below can be observed makes you almost feel like you’re on watch, getting ready to see the signs of an upcoming invasion.

Besides that, the astonished visitor will discover in the inner court the ruins of a school,a  chapel and houses, plus a mythical fountain which is believed to be dugout by two Turkish prisoners and which is also said to contain a treasure inside, although no actual evidence of it could be found.

  After walking across the citadel and climbing into one of its watchtowers and having another panoramic view of the citadel, the traveller will surely  be satisfied by this journey back in time, into a period full of conflicts and uncertainties, but which couldn’t bring the Rasnov Citadel down.. The mighty fortress is still in its place, probably more impressive than ever, a symbol of the permanence of Romanian people in this beautiful land which was attacked on many occasions by those who craved for its riches,but it never surrendered to foreign invaders and I hope it never will.


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