Embark On a Holiday to Dubai

Go on a Holiday to Dubai

Embark On a Holiday to Dubai
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Dreams are made of substance and when you add style to it, what you get in return is not a feeling that lives a moment, but a city that lives for eternity. Dubai - It holds something for everyone from every single part of the globe and makes you connect with it like it was always yours. Desert Safari’s, Shopping Festivals, Golf Course, Adventure Sports, Mosques, and we have still not mentioned the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai:

If you thought that the only way to touch the sky is through an airplane or a chopper, try Burj Khalifa. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth and can connect with Renaissance, try Shakespeare & Co. Those of you who don’t believe in magic will find the Miracle Garden as an antithesis. For those of you who love shopping the Shopping Festival is meant for you. Adventure seekers can try Bungee Jumping while Fast & Furious lovers will fall in love with Emirates Kart Zone and no, we are not even going to talk about who owns the bungalows in The Palm Jumeirah.

Best Weather to Visit:

Sun is harsh. Sunsets are beautiful.

There’s not much rain but Rain Dance Parties in a Desert sounds cool. Winter will not blow you away but Sandstorms can. Spring and autumn has an alternative name- Air Conditions. But if there’s a time in the calendar you’d want to mark, then it has to be between November to February.

Enjoy Regional Delicacies of Dubai:

If you are a non-vegetarian than roasted lamb in the desert with belly dancers will sound really meaty. If you have a knack for trying local food you cannot miss out on Shwarma and Kabsa Rice. If you are from another planet, you need not worry as Dubai offers plenty of cuisines that you may well take to your country. But if you’re on a budget there are the local street side shops that will do justice to your pocket and your taste buds like never before. Those of you who live on caffeine or love dates then Dubai is surely the place to be.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai:

Every culture is accepted in parts but has to be respected in full and Dubai is no different. While nobody judges you on your caste and your color but there are some strict rules regarding dress codes, PDA’s and alcohol consumption. Perhaps this is why they said, “Every sky has a limit”. 

Things to do in Dubai:

If you can think, you can “Du” in Dubai. There is hardly anything you will not find that interests you. Adventure sports, arts & museums, daredevil stunts, shopping or admiring the multiple people it attracts to its heart.

There are many websites that also offer you cheap business class tickets to make your trip an even grander experience. Enjoy your holiday in dubai. 

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Wow.. After reading this article, how can I not plan a vacation to Dubai !! Sharing this with all my friends so that they get enticed too and we land up in Dubai soon :)


Good one! Looks like Dubai has a lot to offer to tourists. It has something to offer to people with different interests. Reading your article urges one to plan a vacation to Dubai soon! This article will definitely be of a lot of help.


Thank you so much !


Very informative and well written. Dubai seems to attract a lot of tourism owing to it's beauty and modern architecture. Your article is very helpful to plan a vacation to Dubai.