Dubai is a Great Place for Fun, Frolic and Art

Dubai is the El Dorado of the East

Dubai is a Great Place for Fun, Frolic and Art
Image Source - Photo by Madan G Singh
Dubai is a entertainment center that is the place to let your hair down and have fun. It also has a rich cultural life.

If somebody was to ask me where to go for a holiday to "get away from mundane daily life, I would without battling an eye say "Dubai". Yes, it's true there is no place like Dubai and having been here for a decade, I can say a visit here is time well spent.

A holiday means relaxation, fun, goòd female company, good food and a great way to let your hair down.Good female company is applicable to men, I  apologise for it and say that single women on a holiday can also relish this place.

Dubai has bars, beaches, cultural events and global food festivals. It is also a shoppers paradise with goods at prices far below New York. You can pick up anything except a tiger or lion cub.Women will like the exotic gold jewelry available, glittering in 22 and 24 carat gold. American women love to deck themselves in gold jewelry and get themselves photographed. Well if you can't buy, one can at least keep a photo has a rememberence.

Travelling in Dubai is like a soft breeze.

There are trams, metro and cabs as well as A.C. buses. Just go anywhere at any time of the day or night , even at 4 am. Dubai is a Great place, just a stone's throw from Mumbai and the Dubai Dinar is easily exchangeable with the rupee. It's the place to do whatever you want. Dance at the bars, drink, eat and swim in pristine beaches. Visit cultural shows and Art exhibitions. It's a great place. Yes you can also pray at a Hindu temple, church or gurudwara. No place matches Dubai and the best part is it is so safe. No mugging or molestation.Maybe the Sharia has something to do with it.

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Thanks Madanji, how much is the cost of going to Dubai and return for a family of 5 persons for 5 days? Is it Rs 2 lakhs?


its not costly if you take a conducted tour


Yes, along with air tkt. You may need extra if you want to buy gold.


This is certainly a place for people with deep pockets. I admit based on your story it is a fabulous and well entertaining city. I can only imagine myself and my family being there to enjoy God-created city in the world. Pray for me that I will be able to visit this for a holiday.


Mandini, you will get a chance. Its a great place and in case you work, why not try a job there