Tourist Attractions in Venezuela

Venezuela Tourist Attractions: Places You Must Visit

Tourist Attractions in Venezuela
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When you gaze at the magnificence of nature without care, you know you’re in the presence of something magical, and that''s exactly how you feel in Venezuela. This article brings to life a detailed perspective about tourist attractions in Venezuela.

A country in South America, Venezuela is filled with lush landscapes that are truly breathtaking. The canopy of thick vegetation that surrounds different places in Venezuela is testimony to the fact that this tropical paradise is well preserved. Visitors from the world over station themselves at numerous tourist spots in this beautiful country. Different cities in Venezuela have a variety to offer.

This scenic country in South America is popular for its exotic beaches, islands, rocky terrain and vast expanse of greenery. All year round visitors from different parts of the world make their way to different regions in Venezuela to get up close and personal with nature. The exquisite beaches, rivers and the magical charm of the serene locations make Venezuela one of the most visited destinations in South America.

Several destinations in this green country offer tourists guided tours and trips to commercial and secluded spots.

Nature trails, and back pack excursions allow tourists to get close to nature. Venezuela has a mix of ultra urban cities and laidback towns with a wealth of historical past. The cities of Caracas and Coro witness the majority of the hustle-bustle of tourists in Venezuela. The Venezuelan island of Margarita has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is one of the most visited places. The best way to get to different locations in a city is by hiring a car or a bike.

Venezuela Tourist attractions

A place that tourists ensure they visit while in Venezuela is Angel Falls, the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world.  The Angel falls is a tourist attraction that one just can’t afford to miss. Situated in Guiana Islands, this waterfall is a white wall of gushing water that gives you a feeling its coming from heaven, Tourists gape open-mouthed at this majestic waterfall that is set amidst lush surroundings.

Trips are organized for tourists to the base of the waterfall by tour guide operators. Individuals can hire car, bike or yachts to explore different areas in a region Venezuela is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Nature in its pristine form is a rarity these days, but a visit to Venezuela and you’ll be in awe of Gods beautiful creation.

Beaches that lie in Margarita Island are some of the best in the world. Hiring yachts to explore the island is a popular activity among families and couples. The Playa El Yaque is a popular beach that attracts windsurfing enthusiasts from around the globe.

Canaima National Park is another popular tourist spot that is visited by tourists and travelers for the magical waterfalls and lagoons that surround the area. Well connected flights to different cities and regions enables tourists on a tight schedule to save time. Choroni in the state of Aragua is known for the swaying palm trees that surround the beach. The Aerial view of green stretches and winding roads from a cable car is sight that is truly beyond words. Barinas state and Guamachi offer some of the finest rapids for rafting enthusiasts.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Venezuela

Venezuela has several art galleries and museums that attract huge crowds. Backpacking tours that offer a close perspective of the flora and fauna are favored by tourists and travelers. Mount Roraima is a popular destination for backpackers in Venezuela. Streams of rivers among a dense vegetation of greenery are aplenty in this country. Restaurants that offer traditional local and international cuisine are available in most cities. The city of Rubio in Tachira is known for its architecture and museums. The Iglesia de Santa Barbara, a neo gothic styled brick church is visited by students of architecture and tourists to witness the detail and finesse of design and layout.

You can find spectacular coral reefs in abundance in the coastal regions of Venezuela. Tropical fish, marine turtles and dolphins are spotted in different regions of this country. The variety of bird and animal species that are found in Venezuela is truly astounding. With forest reserves and nature being well preserved by local authorities’ wildlife in Venezuela is thriving. Los Llanos located in the southwest region of Venezuela is popular among tourists for the bird and animal species. If you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of the elusive jaguar and the shy anteater. Venezuela makes a perfect getaway form hectic schedules and the monotony of a chaotic life.

The largest city with a dynamic and cosmopolitan vibe is Caracas. This beautiful city which is the capital of Venezuela has plenty to offer. Art galleries, malls, museums, theatres, amusement parks, colonial architecture, parks, restaurants, landscapes and rocky terrain, you take your pick. This city is a major tourist attraction and attracts local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Another city that is popular among tourists is Coro. This city has several scenic landscapes and well preserved colonial architecture. The different regions that attract tourists in Venezuela are:

  • Los Llanos
  • Central
  • Guyana
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Andes

The flora and fauna in and around this beautiful country is extremely popular with photographers. The rainforests in the Guyana region of Venezuela are absolutely worshipped by enthusiasts, and documentary makers.  

Popular Beaches in Venezuela


Venezuela has several gorgeous beaches that attract hordes of tourists. Soft and sandy white sand virgin beaches are preferred by couples and honeymooners from around the world. The Playa Juan Griego beach and Playa El Yaque beaches of Margarita Island are popular among tourists. Listed below are some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in Venezuela.


Popular Beaches in Venezuela

  • Playa La Caracola
  • Playa El Yaque
  • Playa Punta Arenas
  • Playa Guacaco
  • Playa Juan Griego
  • Playa Parguito
  • Playa La Galera
  • Playa La Restinga
  • Playa El Humo
  • Playa Caribe
  • Playa La Pared
  • Playa El Auga

The Sierra del Perija is a mountain range that is visited by hikers and trekkers. Rio Caribe is a fishing port that is popular for its cocoa plantations. Tourists love the guided tours around Cocoa plantations and Cocoa factories as it gives them a detailed a perspective on the process of making cocoa. The mangroves, rainforests and nature canals of Orinoco Delta are a sight to behold and are a favorite among eco-tourists and nature lovers. Families love to explore the vast expanse of islands in Venezuela in chattered Yachts.

Cities and regions in Venezuela are well connected by road, air and waterways. Several coastal islands in this country play host to a multitude of visitors from around the globe. Individuals love to avail of the cable car service to get a magnificent view of the exotic nature that lies embedded in this beautiful country.

Tourist Hotspots in Venezuela: Must Visit Places

There are several hotspots in Venezuela that are visited by tourists. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas. This city has a vibrant feel and is a commercial hub that attracts visitors and travelers. Theaters, colonial architecture, art galleries, malls, fancy restaurants and ethereal landscapes, Caracas has it all. Tour operators have guided tours at affordable rates in and around different regions of Venezuela. If you want to travel the country in a car it is recommended you hire a car with a driver rather that venturing out on your own as the winding roads on rocky terrain are extremely hard to negotiate.

Timely flights connect you to different places in Venezuela. Listed below are must visit places in Venezuela.

  • Margarita Island
  • Angel Falls
  • Guanare (Spiritual city)
  • Merida festival
  • Cerro Mstasiete (Historical hill)
  • Sierra de Imataca
  • Rubio Town
  • Venezuelan Coastal Range
  • Jaji Town
  • Capilla de Pidera (Chapel of stone)
  • Puerto Ayacucho City
  • Junquito
  • Rio Caribe
  • Parador Turistico Artesanal
  • Sierra de San Luis National Park
  • Valencia’s Aquarium
  • Peninsula de Paria National Park
  • Caracus Campus Party
  • Barinas State
  • Rio Chico

Every place in Venezuela offers a variety of guided tours pertaining to the region. Backpacking trips and hiking trips are extremely popular in this country. Several river rapids challenge the prowess of accomplished rafters. Beaches that offer excellent wind conditions for surfing are plenty. Venezuela is home to several rare species of birds and animals. Numerous spots around the region are a haven for photographers and artists.

World heritage sites in Venezuela are well preserved. Lip smacking local cuisine available at restaurants is surprisingly cheap. Hue of colors that invade the sky during dreamlike sunsets is visually stunning in this part of the world. The colonial architecture in small towns and cities is spectacular. Venezuela offers tourists a variety. It is a place to be.

Stunningly Beautiful Venezuela

The cascading waterfalls, curvy rivers, pristine beaches, unpredictable rainforests, towering mountains, wildlife, museums, historical monuments and beautiful people is found in abundance in this country. The variety Venezuela has to offer is astounding. It’s not surprising that tourists from different parts of the globe have taken a liking to this magnificent green haven. Colonial homes that adorn small and large cities are truly a spectacular sight. Different places in this country offer visually stunning landscapes. Activities such as trekking, hiking and nature trials are extremely popular among eco tourists in Venezuela.

Must Visit Cities in Venezuela

The city of Caracas, the Venezuelan capital is home to a large majority of business travelers and tourists. Popular hotspots in and around Caracas are:

  • Chacao municipality
  • La Colonia Tovar
  • Avila Magica
  • National Pantheon
  • Teatro Teresa Carreno
  • Parque Del Estate
  • Steps of El Calvario
  • House of Bolivar

The city of Coro is another popular hotspot that offers travelers and tourists aesthetically beautiful colonial architecture of yesteryears. There are several regions that offer abundance of wildlife, but a destination that tourists love to visit is Los Llanos. The plains of this region are home to some of the rarest bird species and elusive animals. Orinoco Delta rainforests and rivers are an excellent for nature lovers to explore. The quaint little town of Junquito is visited by tourists for the old charm it exudes. You can munch on a variety of fresh fruits grown locally as you explore this nostalgic town.

Cities tourists love to explore In Venezuela:

  • Puerto La Cruz
  • Merida
  • Ciudad Bolivar
  • Maracay
  • San Cristobal
  • Ciudad Guayana
  • Valencia
  • Marcaibo

The town of Jaji in the state of Merida is another small town that attracts a large number of tourists. Visitors throng to have a look at the architectural wonder of the old church and museum in this town. Mochima National Park in Anzoategui is visited for the flora and fauna it has to offer. This natural wonder is beautifully preserved and houses stunning cliffs, bays, mountains and beaches. A place with contrasting landscapes is Barinas. This state has some of the most spectacular resorts and national parks in Venezuela. A captivating skyline in the backdrop of ethereally beautiful virgin beaches is something you will cherish forever. An overwhelming feeling of joy, that’s what Venezuela is. 

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