Ecotourism in India: Bringing a Change with Environmental Tourism

The Change Ecotourism Has Brought About in India

Ecotourism in India: Bringing a Change with Environmental Tourism
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With Ecotourism being promoted in a big way the increase of overseas tourists in India has been significant. This article highlights the changes environmental tourism has brought about in India.

India is a popular destination known for its diverse culture. It’s the abundance of flora and fauna that attracts tourists and travelers from different parts of the globe. With tourism being a huge revenue earner, India has adopted a innovative approach of ecotourism to ensure that that the environment is not affected by the impacts of tourism. Environmental tourism aims at preserving the abundance of natural, and man made resources in its pristine splendor.

While tourism has the power to generate revenue and it also gradually leads to the destruction of the natural environment. To avoid negative impacts caused by tourism India has taken several steps to make sure the natural beauty in different states is preserved.

Developing Infrastructure By Retaining Natural Surroundings

With the number of overseas travelers increasing each year, bringing about changes in the infrastructure are being planned in environment friendly ways. While many argue that developing a better infrastructure can destroy the environment of a region, proper planning, early conceptualization, and utilization of right resources ensures negative impact on the environment is minimized.

Due to efforts from people at various ground levels, India has successfully implemented sustainable tourism plans to attract tourists and promote tourism.

Change and development in infrastructure is absolutely necessary to promote tourism in a big way. In recent years, India has successfully implemented a planned approach towards improving infrastructure and while doing so retained natural surroundings in their original splendor. For ecotourism to work effectively there needs to be awareness of environmental issues among people.  

The Role of Environmental awareness in Ecotourism

Collective efforts from the government, local organizations, volunteers and tour operators towards ecotourism have ensured that the natural surroundings are being preserved in their natural form. Programs on environmental awareness and preservation in different parts of India have contributed hugely towards the success of effective ecotourism. Eco-friendly nature trails have become exceedingly popular in different states. By adopting environmental tourism methods India is on the foot forward to curb pollution and reduce carbon emission levels.

Every region in India has something unique to offer tourists, which is why you find overseas tourists and local tourists visiting the length and breadth of the country. Combined efforts among tourism authorities and tour operators towards maintaining an eco friendly environment in different parts of India have ensured the number of tourists in less frequently visited places has increased.  

Promoting Nature Activities

By implementing a variety of nature activities many places in India have been able to promote tourism without making several infrastructure changes. The Forest Department controls a number of national parks in India and makes sure that the wealth of natural surroundings is not affected by the surge in tourism. Forest departments in various parts of India lay down guidelines for tour operators and resorts to attract tourists without destroying the natural surroundings.

Promotion of activities such as treks, hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, river rafting, mountain biking, and scuba diving have been encouraged in different parts of India. Implementing eco friendly activities has not only attracted a larger number of overseas tourists but also helped in reducing pollution levels in mountainous regions. Drives and programs on protecting the environment have helped bring about the necessary change to promote tourism without adversely affecting the natural surroundings in India.  

Effects of Environmental Tourism in India

Tourism generates a significant amount of revenue for many countries. In a bid to promote tourism and attract overseas visitors, countries need to develop their infrastructure. Though a strong infrastructure contributes towards generating higher revenues, it shouldn’t be at the cost of destroying the natural surroundings. Construction of roads, hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourism facilitating amenities leads to deforestation.

Destroying the natural environment is not the way to improve the infrastructure in a region. Proper planning and conceptualization at different levels is required to ensure that infrastructure is improved without affecting the balance of the natural surroundings. By adopting methods of eco friendly tourism India is moving forward to promote tourism without destroying the pristine environments in different regions.

Implementing the Right Ecotourism Methods

Blessed with abundance of greenery, India is a place frequented by overseas tourists. Beaches, rivers, mountains, and forest reserves in India are popular among visitors. A reason why tourists love to flock in different parts of India is because of the way natural surroundings have been conserved in their original splendor. Ecotourism methods in India have helped preserve and conserve the vast expanse of natural surroundings in different areas.

Several destinations in India offer tourists a wide range of nature related activities. Camping, trekking, white water rafting, mountain climbing, cave exploration, scuba diving, bird watching, nature trails and other nature related activities popular with tourists are being promoted in different regions in India. Eco friendly accommodation in different parts of India ensures that the natural environment is well preserved.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials To Reduce Costs

Due to eco friendly material such as bamboo and coconut palm being used in construction of restaurants, hotels and beach resorts, costs are lowered thereby lowering overall costs for tourists. Although India is home to some of the finest luxurious hotels, eco friendly budget accommodations are getting exceedingly popular for their ambiance and style. Less populated tourist destinations in India are offering a wide range of eco activities to attract tourists.

Promoting Unknown Nature Destinations in India

The number of tourists in mountainous regions of India is increasing significantly each year. Exploration trips on bicycles are being promoted in different parts of India. With tourists and travelers opting for eco friendly modes of travel, carbon emission through motorized vehicles has reduced in a big way in different parts of India. By reducing the use of motorized vehicles in tourist destinations, pollution and traffic congestion levels have been significantly reduced

By opting for ecotourism many unknown nature destinations in India have become extremely popular among nature lovers. The government and local organizations in India are promoting environmental tourism in a big way to ensure the natural surroundings are preserved. Excellent management of nature reserves and proper adherence to guidelines laid down for resort owners and tour operators has ensured the popularity of sustainable tourism among visitors.

Villages with dense green surroundings have benefited hugely from ecotourism. Campaigns on forest preservation have created a significant impact and awareness in different places in India. Tourists and travelers in India are also responsible in a huge way for environmental tourism gaining popularity. As many visitors prefer eco friendly accommodation, unnecessary concrete constructions in lush surroundings are avoided. By using eco friendly mode of transport, emissions from motorized vehicles can be reduced enormously. India is on a mission to promote ecotourism, and it’s all taking shape towards a healthy future.

Every individual can contribute towards a big change by planting a sapling.                          

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