Best Places of Kualalumpur are National Mosque, Istana Negara and National Museum

Travellers should visit National Monument, National Mosque, Istana Negara in Kualalumpur Malaysia

Best Places of Kualalumpur are National Mosque, Istana Negara and National Museum
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There are many romantic destinations in Malaysia. In the capital city Kualalumpur, Istana Negara, National Mosque and National Museum are the best places. Travellers should visit these places.

Kualalumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is a great travel destination. Some of the best travel locations in the capital city are as follows.

The National Mosque is an important travel destination. It is located at the heart of the city. The Kualalumpur Railway station is very close to the Mosque. It was built in 1965.

Along with brilliant architecture there are beautiful fountains and gardens in the mosque. Around 15000 people can pray together in the Mosque.

Travellers spend many hours within the mosque. As the place is spacious and also well maintained many travellers take photographs of the place.

The National Monument is the most important location of Kualalumpur, Malaysia. It was built to commemorate those warriors who died in Malaysia’s struggle for freedom. The statue was the world’s tallest bronze sculpture which had group postures.

It was built during the regime of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. He met Felix De Weldon to design the monument. It was opened on 8th February, 1966, by Ismail Nassiruddin.

The Bronze statue is 15 meters tall. The sculpture shows a group of soldiers. While there are soldiers at the bottom, the one who is at a height did hold the Malaysian flag. The bronze figures have a lot of significance. The bronze figures depict pain, leadership, power, sacrifice and bold attitude. The stones on which the soldiers are shown to stand were imported from a place in Sweden.

The base part of the statue is built of granite. There English, Latin and Malay writings which say that the statues are dedicated to heroic fighters and warriors who fought for the nation.

There are beautiful pools and fountains in the vicinity. Very significantly the tiles of the pool are blue in colour. So the crystal clear water looks blue due to the colour of the tiles. The entire national monument and the surrounding areas are very well maintained.

Istana Negara is the other brilliant travel destination in Kualalumpur, Malaysia. It is the royal museum and national palace of Malaysia. It is situated on the slope of a hill of Bukit Pedaling.

The palace was originally built and owned by Chinese millionaire Chan Wing. When Malaysia was under Japanese rule, between 1942 to 1945, it was used as residence of Japanese Governor. When the Japanese surrendered before the British, the palace was used by the British Military Administration. Senior military officers from the rank of Brigadier started staying there.

In the mid- 1950s, the palace was used as the residence of His Majesty, the Sultan of Selangor. More than the history, the beautiful surroundings require special mention. There are beautiful gardens, lawns, grasslands in the entire area. The travellers are not allowed to get beyond the palace entrance.

At the entrance of Istana Negara, there is an arch, and on two sides of the arch, there are two guard posts who are dressed in their full dress uniform similar to royal guards of Buckingham Palace in London.  The entire place is very neat and clean. It is really place which should be visited.

There are beautiful hotels in Kualalumpur like My hotel. The ambiences of the hotels are marvelous. Kualalumpur is also very famous for Petronas Twin Tower. Many offices and markets are situated inside the tall building. The Indian film Don, directed by Faran Akhtar was shot there. Shahrukh Khan played the role of Don. There are scenes that were shot in the Petronas Twin Tower.

There are many beautiful mosques both in Kualalumpur and also in Putrajaya in Malaysia, in addition to the National Mosque. The weather of Malaysia is tropical. In the months of December, January, the temperatures are around 20 degree Celsius. But in the summer months they shoot up to 46 degree Celsius.

Malaysia is also famous for beautiful food. As many classes of people stay there, the food habits of different people are really different. While the restaurants have breakfast items like cereal flakes, milk, toast, omelette, many hotels make boiled rice with prawns.  The lunch provided in the hotels have every type of food including Indian food, food of the Middle East, Continental food. They include chapatis, chicken curry, mutton curry, chili chicken, chicken chowmin, dosas, mughlai parathas. The dinners are equally varied and delicious.

Whenever visitors come to visit Kualalumpur, they also visit Genting Highlands. It is around 200 kilometers away from the capital city Kualalumpur. But the weather of that place is better. As the Genting Highlands is situated in the hills, the temperature remains around 10 degree to 15 degree during winter. It is not very cold, but generally cool. The roads in Malaysia are excellent, so whenever travellers travel from Kualalumpur to Putrajaya or Genting Highlands, they have smooth journey.

From India different flights take the travellers to Malaysia. While there are Indigo Flights at different times of the day, there are Spice Jet flights at other times of the day. Air India also takes the travellers from Kolkata or New Delhi to Kualalumpur. At present Air Asia is the most popular flight among the Indians. The frequency of Air Asia flights are very good.

As Air Asia is a low cost airline, whenever travellers travel from Kolkata to Kualalumpur, they don’t provide food. In other words food is not included in the ticket price. But travellers can buy food in the flight. Generally hot food include chicken sandwiches and other similar types of food.

The scenery from the windows of the flights is awesome. The entire horizon can be seen from the windows of the flight. The cirrus clouds look like cotton balls. Sometime during monsoon, when cumulous and nimbus clouds engulf the flight, it leads to air disturbance.

It is a lifetime experience to visit Malaysia. While there are Indian tourists, there are travellers from South Asian countries, European countries and American countries. Whoever comes to the place, they are treated well and return back to their native country with very romantic, unforgettable memories.

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