Hotels: Budget Hotel in Dubai-San Marco

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Hotels: Budget Hotel in Dubai-San Marco
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Dubai has many budget hotels and San Marco is one of them. Read the underlying article to know about budget hotels in San Marco.

San Marco hotel Dubai is located at Al Khaleej Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Dubai has really transformed from a fishing village at the turn of the last century to the present megacity with over 375 hotels. Tourists are now the backbone of Dubai economy which has shifted away from oil revenues as this in the case is dwindling.

Dubai is a city with myriad attractions and tourists from all over the world find visiting this place an elevating experience. This place is full of varied nightlife, with restaurants, sporting events and endless malls to shop till you drop dead. No taxes, that is the watchword in Dubai, hence tourists flock here.

Finding a good place to stay, the budget tourist, in particular, is looking for relatively cheap accommodation.  Accommodation in Dubai is easily obtained as it has over 400 hotels of all hues and colors.

You have the luxury as well as budget hotels.
A big part of a tourist's itinerary is ensuring his or her accommodation.  Among the budget hotels is The San Marco Hotel. The name suggests that it could be a Spanish hotel. But that is only the name as the hotel is a plain 3-star hotel that is ranked 234 on the hotel list in Dubai.

This hotel is situated in the Deira district. It is one of the most popular choices among tourists and even those who are on business travel. Many of the financial and corporate centers in Dubai are within walking distance of the hotel

 The san Marco hotel is centrally located and yet is not very expensive. It has a swimming pool and most basic amenities. The hotel staff mostly from the sub-continent is both helpful and courteous.  It is located in the heart of business district of Deira.

The hotel is close to Dubai international airport and is very popular for budget tourist and visitors. In case you are on a business tour, this hotel can be your cup of tea. Many of the city’s corporate and financial centers are within an easy walking distance of the hotel. As far as tourist attractions are concerned Dubai itself, enjoys a thriving nightlife, with a seemingly endless choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs. These outlets provide delicious cuisine from all over the world as well as live entertainment for travelers who are in the mood for it. This goes on till the wee hours of the morning.

 For a taste of what Dubai used to be like, you may like to have a walk through the old winding streets of Dubai which are quite near to the hotel. This is the old city and has not changed much for generations.

.  The hotel has tied up with reservation through the Agoda ( which is Asia's leading and fastest growing online hotel reservation service. Available in 21 different languages, Agoda has serviced millions of travelers in its 10-year history and shares the reviews and experiences of hundreds of thousands on its website.

So next time you visit Dubai and wish to stay in a budget hotel the San Marco could be your choice.

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