The Trial of Adolf Eichmann for Crimes against Humanity

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann for Crimes against Humanity
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Read the below article to know about the trial of Adolf Eichmann for crimes against humanity in detail. Hope it will prove to be useful to you.

Escaped Mass Murderer
Adolf Eichmann may or may not have been sentenced to death at the Nuremberg trials had he not escaped from prison. The chances were very high that he would have been sentenced to death by hanging. For the majority of his former comrades were either sentenced to death or life imprisionent, with only Albert Sperr showing any signs of remorse. 
Eichmann was convinced that if he stood trial he would receive a death sentence and therefore regarded escape as his only chance of surviving. 

Escape Delayed Justice
The Allies had intended to have Eichmann convicted of crimes against humanity and war crimes due to the central role he played in planning, and subsequently carrying out the Holocaust. He had been responsible for organising the transportation of Jews to concentration camps. Furthermore he was in charge of building the gas chambers in those camps. There was essentialy no chance that he would have been found not guilty at the trials.

That is why he escaped as soon as he got the chance to do so. 

The Israelis Do What The Allies Failed To Do 

After escaping Eichmann made his way to Argentina, and until 1960 believed that he was safe from prosecution. The Four Powers did not seem too interested in persuading the Argentine government to have him extradicted to stand trial. It was the Jewish state of Israel, which was deermined to have him punished for his crimes against humanity.  

Frustrated at being unable to extradite him the Israeli government ordered their secret agents to kidnap him and bring him to justice.  This was carried out in 1960, and Eichmann was then placed on trial. With so much evidence against him the chances of a not guilty verdict were remote. When the trial finished this time he knew there would be no escape. 

After been found guilty of mass murder Eichmann was hung in 1962. There were many lesser known Nazis war criminals that were able to remain in Argentina until their deaths. However the ability of the Israelis to capture Eichmann must have made the others less sure that they would escape justice. 


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