Travel to Spain

Spain one of the most beautiful places in the world

Travel to Spain
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Travel to Spain this year! It's a place you will never forget and possibly you will want to go again in the future

Spain is one of the most beautiful places of Europe to go on holidays this year for holdays. Best seasons are spring (May) and summer! There is a variety of places and landscape all throughout Spain!

We recommend you to go to Andalucia and then to the Coast of Torremolinos. You can buy affordable tickets with your friends, partner or family.

With an airplane you fly first to Madrid the capital of Spain. Three or four days are enough, to see all sightseeing, museums, galleries of painting, if you are interested in culture of the country. Madrid, has many nice cafes to have coffee and then visit green parks of the city that will make you relax. You can also go shopping in the morning, there are many things to buy at cheap prices.

Also nice restaurants in the evening, to enjoy the traditional food of Spain ''paella''.Although it's a crowded city, (like all capitals of Europe) you can also find quiet places to relax, nice coins all throughout city.

After three-foiur days of staying in Madrid, if you have joined a group of travelers, or even you go on your own, -with friends, partner and family, you can take the bus and go to visit cities and towns of Andalucia. Here is typical Spain: The countryside to Andalucia is dry, but the cities mainly Seville are among the most nice cities of the world: Seville has nice parks with all varieties of birds and flowers, easy ot find everything that you'll want from a such nice city! There are narrow streets and quiet places to eat at noon. Then, in the evening, you can go to see flamenco the traditional dance of Spain with beautiful dancers and romantic typical Spanish music.

You will pass first from Toledo the birth place of Picaso, and Cordoba, with pots of flowers hund on balconies, the Jewish Synagogue building etc.-Then it's Seville.

By taking the bus more to south, you will arrive in Granada, the city of palm trees, being very hot in summer, even in May, and you can stay one day, do shopping, have coffee and eat. At night one more spectacle with dancers of flamenco! 

If you travel in summer, you can go to Coast of Torremolinos, the equivalent of Blue Coast of France in Spain. Nice hotels on the seaside, as well as cafes and restaurants, where you can find affordable prices and stay for a couple of days to go swimming and enjoy at night in bars, or even places with live bands, listen to wonderful music, and you will probably wish this trip never finish!!..

Then after these gorgeous holidays to will go back to Madrid to You hotel and pack things to fly back to your country.

There are of course many other places to go in Span for example Barcelona, Catalunia, with the big harbor, Valencia etc.

Have a Nice trip, don't postpone your holdays for next year! Go this year to Spain..

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