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Visiting the Mighty Beaches of Alibaug in Maharashtra

My Journey to Alibaug, near Mumbai in Maharashtra

Visiting the Mighty Beaches of Alibaug in Maharashtra
Image Source - by writer, muleomkar
I visited Alibaug with bunch of my best friends for a good trip, and it was so good. Stay tuned for this experience.

After a hectic month of exam, we a group of old best friends meet together. We always go for a trip every year after exams. This year the destination decided was Alibaug, Maharashtra, India. As I live in Mumbai, it usually takes 2 to 3 hours by road or by water. It was decided to go through water i.e. by ferrys that ply between Gateway of India and Mandwa Jetty (nearest jetty to Alibaug).

The journey began at 7:30 am as we boarded an upper deck ferry towards our destination.

The cool morning breeze and the endless sea made me feel like living in my dream world. After reaching the old looking Jetty, we took a taxi to our booked hotel. Alibaug is mostly famous for its clean and beautiful beaches. So we had booked the hotel just next to the not so well known Varsoli beach. As it is not so well known to people, it is very clean and now much crowdy as other famous beaches. And I personally live such places. What about you? We were amazed as we had our first sight of the vast bech. The evening sunset was just so mesmerizing that we could not leave the beach till it was completely dark. The local cuisine we had for our dinner was quite tasty. 

The next day we roamed the nearby markets. We also visited a Khubladha fort. It is build by the great king Shivaji Maharaj. Although it is not in so good condition, it can help you get good knowledge about the past things. Again in the evening it was time to visit the beach. We also tried some water sports like banana ride and other things. Later on, we watched the mighty sun, going down as we ate our bhel (kind of food). We enjoyed around the coconut trees around the beaches. Clicked photos and talked a lot! 

The next day we had to leave. The get together was good.We had an amazing time at this place. It was just like different version of Goa,India. Would definitely like to visit this place again.

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Looks like a great experience at Alibaug. The place seems to be beautiful. well described!


Really very nice atmosphere you explain