Experience Spain's Beauty by Car

Car Tour Through Spain Ideal Choice for Vacationers

Experience Spain's Beauty by Car
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Regardless of the route chosen, taking advantage of an affordable Spain car rental is a great way for travelers to make the most of their driving vacation in Spain.

Spain is an enchanting country that offers vacationers a wealth of activities and attractions to enjoy while on vacation. From sightseeing in the north, where the country's famous snow-capped mountains are found, to the endless golden sandy beaches located in the southern area of the country, Spain offers something for everyone. The best way to experience Spain's beauty is by car, and finding an affordable Spain car rental is not a difficult task. Although there are many great routes one can take when sightseeing in Spain, those who wish get the most enjoyment from their trip should consider the following top three drives:


Costa del Sol to Madrid


Costa del Sol to Madrid is one of Spain's most popular driving routes. It begins at Granada and continues on to Toledo in the direction of Madrid. Outstanding landscapes and scenery can be viewed on this drive, such as Granada's spectacular Alhambra Palace.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is another unforgettable driving route one can choose when in this area of Spain. It is widely regarded as one of Spain's most impressive landscapes, especially for first time visitors. When following this route one will eventually pass through Toledo, which is an impressive Medieval city that overlooks the lovely Tagus River.


Costa Dorada


The Costa Dorada driving route is well-loved by visitors and locals alike, as it is largely unspoiled by commercial tourism. Villages, deserted beaches, and quaint fishing towns all add to the appeal of this enjoyable drive. The tour begins in Barcelona, where a reasonably priced Spain car rental can be booked, and continues on through enchanting villages such as Pendes and Lametilla de Mar. In addition, one may wish to consider extending his or her drive to the southern part of Costa Dorada, which is often overlooked by visitors.




Ibiza is an ideal location for a driving tour. This small island features olive groves, beautiful mountain ranges and mysterious winding roads that offer visitors a true taste of adventure. Beginning in San Carlos, this route follows the beautiful coastline all the way to Cala San Vicente. Ideal weather and picturesque scenery, including spectacular freshwater springs, are part of what makes this one of the top three drives in Spain. The route eventually begins to follow a direct path across the entire island, at which point visitors pass through numerous towns and villages before arriving in Es Broll, where the drive commences.




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