Beauty of Grand Sole Hotel in Pattaya

The Grand Sole hotel is a majestic hotel in Pattaya.

Beauty of Grand Sole Hotel in Pattaya
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The article speaks about the beauty of Grand Sole hotel in Pattaya. The hotel has excellent facilities for traveller s who visit Thailand.

Pattaya in Thailand attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. Many people from the cold countries come to Pattaya to do sunbathing. Russians, Dutch people, Italians flock to Pattaya.


There are many hotels of great standard in Pattaya. Grand Sole hotel is one of them. Although the tariff is high, but it is justified taking into consideration the different facilities that the hotel gives to the visitors.


Visitors are charged a security deposit of 2000 bahts (Thailand currency) when they enter the hotel. At the time of leaving the hotel the visitors can get their security deposit back if they can maintain the rooms in the same way.

The rooms inside the Grand Sole are very comfortable. Food is expensive. Many visitors don’t eat the dinner there but have it elsewhere. In majority of tour programs breakfast is complimentary. Excellent breakfast is provided in the hotel including rice, chicken curry, tea, coffee, eggs, omelette, fruits, etc. The breakfast is in the form of buffet.


Although Pattaya is not the capital city of Thailand, yet the arrangement and civic amenities are top class in Pattaya. Grand Sole hotel is one of the best hotels in the country. Heterogenous groups of persons including Russians, Scandinavians, Americans, Indians come and stay in the hotel.

There is a beautiful swimming pool at the ground floor of the hotel. The water inside the swimming pool is very cold. The best period for travelling to Thailand and especially Pattaya is December and January. At that time the waters of the swimming pool remain very cold. The swimming pool is very well maintained. It is clean. It is not very deep so even children who are beginners can also swim over there.


The hotel consists of more than 15 floors. So the view of Pattaya from the windows of the hotel room is marvelous. The beautiful South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean is visible from the windows of the hotel rooms.


There is a beautiful massage parlour at the ground floor of the hotel. It is not complimentary. Visitors are supposed to pay for the different types of massages that they take. Pattaya is famous for massage. Generally there are different types of massage taken by visitors including traditional massage, oil massage, foot massage, to name a few. The traditional ones cost around 300 to 400 bahts per person. Both men and women are experts in giving massage. The body fatigue is reduced by taking the massage.


Pattaya is 2 to 3 hours journey from Bangkok. Cars are provided for the city tours. Many visitors are taken to the nearby destinations like Coral Island. They are taken in cars to the Pattaya beach. From there they are taken in speed boats to the Coral Island. They can do many activities like under water walking with oxygen mask, paragliding, to name a few.


Visitors should spare time to spend their holidays in Pattaya, Thailand. It they visit Pattaya, the stay in Grand Sole hotel can always be an experience that can be cherished for a long time.


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Dear Pruelpo,
Thanks a lot for the beautiful comments. I liked Grand Sole hotel for its beautiful ambience. Thailand and especially Pattaya has beautiful beaches. During winter it is a paradise.


It seems to me you're a traveler. You have gone through with those places. I like reading it and felt like I was there.


Visitors who go to Thailand, should definitely spend some time in Grand Sole hotel in Pattaya.