Madgaon, Goa to Kannur, Kerala 26.10.11


Madgaon, Goa to Kannur, Kerala 26.10.11
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This article will help you know how to travel from madgaon to kannur by train. Hope this will prove to be useful to you.

Wednesday, 26th October 2011. It was the day of Diwali. Exactly at 6.00 AM, I set out towards my native place from Usgao, near Nestle. Since it was the festival day, the bus arrived a little over 6:30 AM. Before 7:00 AM, I was at Ponda. The bus going to Madgaon was already there to be boarded.

The bus took me to Madgaon bus stand from where I took the bus to the station.

When I had thought about going to Kannur, a few days ago, I had a little hope of getting SL reservation. Therefore I have planned to travel unreserved. The train Mumbai – Mangalore Express, which was supposed to depart at 8:30 AM, was late a bit. So I had enough time for not only getting the ticket but also having a quick breakfast.

The train arrived a little over 9:00 AM. And I got a seat to rest myself, not getting even a short nap as I always find very difficult to sleep in train. As the train zoomed towards Mangalore, I thought of the second train which I would have to catch to reach Kannur. Meanwhile, I ate a packet of Good Day biscuit.

Around 4:00 PM. Mangalore junction. I went to platform no.1 to get the ticket to Kannur. I was told to go to Mangalore central where Chennai mail was expected. Subramaniam Rd. - Mangalore Central train took me to Mangalore Central where I found Mangalore – Kannur passenger train. A lady informed me the train would depart at 4:35 PM. Chennai mail, which would depart at 4:15 PM, had already arrived at another platform.

I strolled along the platform to find the exact position of the general compartment at another platform, intermittently dashing inside the passenger train. When I had got it, I placed my luggage on the passenger train, jumped on the railway track, pulled down the traveling bag, carried it towards the mail, placed on the train and finally jumped into the train. What a relief!

Over 4:15 PM the train started to drift away from Mangalore and speed towards Kannur. I had to wait for a seat till Kanhangad. While traveling, I had wada and chutni as snacks or, to be accurate, my lunch. The thoughts of meeting my parents, sister and nephew recharged me. It took less than three hours to reach Kannur. An auto rushed me home where I got the red carpet welcome. Besides, the lamps were burning brightly. Happy Diwali!

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