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A Traitor Who Changed the History of India, Mir Kasim

Mir kasim, a traitor and how he changed the history of India

  A Traitor Who Changed the History of India, Mir Kasim
Image Source - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mir_Qasim
Mir kasim was a famous traitor. Read the below article to know how he changed the history of India

Why does a man betray his own country king or empire? This answer is simple and at the same time complex. Some do it for plain jealousy and some for money and women and some for power, that elusive ingredient that is the root of most human traitorous acts. Thus when Ephialtes betrayed Leonidas his reward was revenge and some of the most beautiful Persian girls.
India has had its fair share of traitors. Maybe their numbers would be more than that of all other nations added up together. But that is perhaps due to the fact that India was never a single entity or nation and smaller kingdoms generated greater clan rivalries.
Mir Kasim
One of the most famous traitors is Mir Jafar who helped Robert Clive win the famous battle of Plessey. (1757).

This victory of Robert Clive established British rule in India for the next 200 years. Mir Jafar was thus instrumental in the establishment of British rule. And is given the title ‘Gaddar –e-Hind’. The Battle of Plessey was fought between the troops of the East India Company against the Nawab Siraj-ud- Dowla of Oudh. The Nawab had a force of over a100, 000 while the force of Clive was much smaller. But Mir Jafar just before the battle changed horses and came over to the side of Robert Clive. He expected to be enthroned as Nawab after the battle and readily betrayed his mentor and ruler.
The rest is history as the larger force of the Nawab of Oudh was defeated and Nawab –Siraj-ud-Dowla  was taken into custody. Mir Jafar was a traitor whose surrender of the forces at Plessey established British rule in India.

Worse after the battle Mir Jafar had taken into custody Nawab Siraj-ud Dowla. Many do not know that nawab Siraj was aged only 23.Instead of treating him as a prisoner of war, he allowed his son to execute him.  This act is another example of the perfidy of Mir Jafar

India is a great nation, but it was never a cohesive unit and the number of traitors thus that have spanned the pages of history are a legion. Otherwise India would not have been conquered. Nationalist spirit was lacking, perhaps we owe this spirit to the English who brought in the one nation concept.


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