The Dress of Tribal Women in India

Tribes and dress

The Dress of Tribal Women in India
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India is a vast country and the tribal girls have their distinct dress and attire. Read the below article to study about various tribes and dress related to them.

India is a vast country that is given the nomenclature " sub-continent: The country is home to a myriad population and culture and is the home of some primitive cultures as well. the main races are the Dravidian and the Indo-Aryan, but along with them, we have a subculture which is of a tribal nature nd distinct in itself. These tribes earlier followed the animistic religions, but now many are converted to Christianity.

.The entire North East of India contains a large tribal population. In fact at some places they constitute 30% of the population. The tribal live life closer to earth and nature. These tribals also wear minimal clothing which is dictated by the humid climate and the hot weather conditions.

Tribal people are generally short and slim but have muscular bodies compared to the other inhabitants of the sub-continent. They have excellent bodies honed by years in jungles and forests.

Tribal women and girls are generally considered lovely. Having spent a lifetime in the mountains and the forests interacting with wildlife and rich fauna their dress code is simple. They wear the simplest clothing. No tribal girl or woman will wear bra or panty. They also do not wear a blouse. They wear a small wrap around sari which is half the length of a normal sari. A normal Indian sari worn in the sub-continent will be more than 5 meters in length. 

Tribal girls will wear a sari made of cotton and it has a restricted length about 2-2.5 meters in length. Some saris are just a wrap and could be as short as 1.5 meters. The girls and women wear no bra or blouse.  That sari is wrapped in such a way that its pall covers the breasts. The back is always bare.This makes the tribal girls look attractive and many fall easy prey to men predators from the other communities.

Tribal women live simple lives. this simplicity many do not consider a virtue as it leads to exploitation and unable to gauge the man's intention they succumb easily to overtures and cheap gifts. However there is more awareness now and things have improved, but the tribals are still a generation behind. As an example, the Jarawas of the little Andaman islands still live a primitive life and many of their women remain nude. They are thus open to exploitation by other so called educated people. They are easily lured into prostitution on a false pretext and promises.
Tribal women and girls are however a distinct part of India.

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