Holy Places Near Kurnool

A trip to the holy places near Kurnool

Holy Places Near Kurnool
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Planning for a trip near Kurnool, then choose this plan. There are many holy places to see and get blessed near Kurnool. So this is how you should visit those places.

During winter, you can plan for a family trip to visit all holy places nearby Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh. You can visit few holy places like Manthralayam, Alampur, Nandyal, SriShailam, Ahobilam and so on.    

Manthralayam is located about 73 Km distance from Kurnool district. This place is famous for presence of vrundhavana of Guru Ragavendhra Swamy. Guru Ragavendhra Swamy is a madhwa saint, follower of Sri Madhwacharya. Nearby lodges are available for refreshments or to stay a night.

Jogulamba Devi temple which is a shakthi peeta is located in Alampur.

According to Hindu mythology there are 17 shakthi peeta in India and one in Srilanka visiting these peeta will energize your mind, so don’t miss this temple. It is located about 27 Km from Kurnool district, the graceful idol of Jogulamba Devi will definitely mesmerize you and helps attaining peaceful mind.

The journey from Alampur to Srishailam will be a memorable journey as you have to travel through a dense forest. If you are fortunate then you can get a glimpse of few animals like mongoose, sloth bear, and deer. Here you can seek blessings of lord Mallikarjuna and goddess Bhramarambha Devi. As this place is surrounded by dense forest you can enjoy the mild nature’s ambience also. You can even take a dip in nearby holy river Godavari but don’t take a risk to swim.

Ahobilam is a holy place where lord Narasimha blessed Prahaladha and killed demon Hiranyakashupu. There are nine Narasimha swamy’s temples with respect to navagrahas. They are:

  1. Jwala Narasimha swami for Kujha.
  2. Malola Narasimha swami for Shukra.
  3. Varaha Narasimha swami for Rahu.
  4. Upper Ahobilam Narasimha swami for Guru.
  5. Kaaranji Narasimha swami for Chandra.
  6. Pavana Narasimha swami for Bhudha.
  7. Bhargava Narasimha swami for Surya.
  8. Chatravata Narasimha swami for Ketu.
  9. Yoga Narasimha swami for Shani.

To visit all these Narasimha swami temples you need a guide for a first time visitor. First you can visit Jwala, Malola, Varaha, Upper Ahobilam, and Kaaranji Narasimha swami which are located at same point. You have to quiet energetic to visit these temples as it involves little trekking program. They do provide doli arrangements for people who couldn’t climb the hill. On the way to Jwala Narasimha swami there is a small water fall that originates Bhavni River. It is believed to be a holy water. And there is small pond it is believed that lord Narasimha had washed his hand after killing Hiranyakashupu, after this event it is named as Raktha gunda. To reach Pavana Narasimha swami and Bharghava Narasimha swami, so you need a jeep. As these two temyples were located in dense forest and normal vehicle cannot reach the place. But you can visit Chatravata Narasimha swami and Yoga Narasimha swami by your own vehicle.

So this winter if you are planning for a trip nearby Kurnool then you can choose this plan to enjoy your journey.

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