15 Best Activities to do in Great Barrington, Ma, USA

Great Barrington in Massachusetts Offers Lot of Activities to Visitors

15 Best Activities to do in Great Barrington, Ma, USA
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If United States is on your cards this summer, then you should plan a vacation to Great Barrington also. It is one of the most happening places which offers a lot of sightseeing and activities to tourists. Here is all that you can do in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Great Barrington is the one of the most happening places in Massachussetts. Planning a vacation can become quite difficult with so many choices of places to visit. Often, we do a research before choosing a destination. We check if there are good hotels near to all the tourist spots and if there are options for entertainment available in and around the place.

15 Activities to Do in Great Barrington, Ma

Monument Mountain –

This mountain is the favourite for avid hikers and trekkers. The views from the top are spectacular. Isn’t it a wonderful scenery to view the mountain and valley covered in fog and clouds? There are mainly two paths for hiking to the mountain top.

The first way is very rough with many cliffs and boulders, while the other way is quite easy. So, you can choose the easy one if you are a beginner in terms of hiking. And if you are an experienced hiker thriving for some adventure, then, go for the more strenuous path. Or just a walk through the woods itself, will of course make your day an enjoyable one.

The Guthrie Center & Foundation –

This is an old trinity church which has now been turned into the Guthrie Center and foundation. This is done usually during the Thanksgiving week. So, if you are planning to visit Great Barrington around the Thanksgiving time, just make a visit to the place and it would be the best Thanksgiving in life. Many people visit the place during this time of the season. They arrange many community services, musicals and other such events. The place is also very serene and calm which is apt for spending a peaceful day.

Ski Butternet –

Are you a skiing enthusiast? Then, here is your dream destination. It has a park nearby to it and a perfect place to visit with your kids. They are sure to enjoy a lot here. The area is not very big but is kept very neat and tidy. The ski rates are also very economic. They have ski lessons for both children as well as adults which are very good. It is very near to most hotels and resorts; hence, a little crowded, especially during weekends. Make sure to visit the place for a fun holiday.

Housatonic River Walk –

This is a walk-through the bridge with a view of Houston river. The place is worth a watch for its beauty and who doesn’t like staring at a flowing river and hearing its small waves; making you forget all your worldly worries? If you feel like going to a little offbeat kind of a place, then, do go for a pleasant stroll along the Houstonic River Walk.

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center –  

This is the best performance venue in Great Barrington. Catch up for a movie or a High definition performance over here. It occasionally conducts music concerts, dance performances and stand up comedies. It conducts all these programs in a balanced way trying to include people from all walks of life as their audience. Just try to watch a program at this arts centre, which is surely going to make a memorable experience for you.

Lake Mansfield –

If you would like the feel of getting yourself plunged in water during summers, then, Lake Mansfield is the perfect choice you can make. You can also indulge in games like football, soccer or kayaking here. There is a park near to the lake which has a trail through which you can make it to Great Barrington. This place is located near to the downtown and the water is perfect for swimming enthusiasts. With lifeguards watching you on the shore, it is completely safe. Visit this lake at least just for the nature and it’s beauty around.

Vault Gallery –

This gallery looks unique with it’s nicely staged artwork. Antique furniture is beautifully arranged near to a fireplace. All the rooms are carefully decorated with flowers and other décor items. Even though it is a small art gallery, it has very authentic and pretty paintings made inside out of it, which makes the entire place to look elegant. The campus is maintained very neat and the service staff are very helpful. You also can buy paintings and other art stuff from here. Do make sure to come to this gallery, if you are a real art lover.

Windy hill farm –

Apple picking is the greatest attraction of this place. If you would like to spend some quality time with your family, then, this place can be an excellent choice. A variety of different apple species are available here. The apple orchard is located on top of a hill, the walk to which may seem a little strenuous. If you want, you can purchase the apples which are already picked and bagged, available for sales in the nearby stores. The staff is friendly and helping. They provide you with a map from which you can identify on which part of the orchard lies the ripe apples. Visit the farm and you will fall love with apples and cider.

Taft farms –

The farm has many animals like chickens, lamas, bunnies, peacocks etc and you can feed them too. Most of these are rescue animals. Every year they keep corn maze like Minecraft and Pokemon. This is a family owned farm and the fields and greenhouses look very beautiful to take a walk on. There is a bakery and cafeteria inside the farm, which serves tasty food made from fresh vegetables from their farm. The scenic beauty of the place itself will make you visit the place again and again, once you come here.

W.E.B Dubois birthplace –

This is the birthplace of the famous author W.E.B DuBois who wrote the book ‘Souls of Black Folk’. There is a river garden in his name near to the single plaque that marks his birth place. He had an affinity for the Houston river. This is represented by the river garden. Also, near to this, there is a trail with wayside exhibits which throw light on the legacy and life of DuBois. He was famous as a thought leader and his birthplace is something made for the remembrance of this great soul.

Fountain pond state park –

This park is located at a quite place surrounded by woods. If you would like to spend a calm and peaceful evening strolling through the woods, then, this can be an appropriate choice. It has a pond in the middle of the park with a beautiful fountain in it.

Housatonic flats –

This is a place that lets you to take a walk through the meandering curves of the Houston river. It is located towards the Northern side of Great Barrington and is rich in varied flora and fauna. People mainly come here to enjoy the beauty of the nature and birdwatching. There are good restaurants and beer parlours near to the location.

Triplex cinema –

If you want to enjoy a family evening or watch a good movie, then, Triplex Cinema offers you with the best choices of movies throughout the year. There is a snack bar inside the theatre and the food price is reasonable here. The campus is well maintained. Their selection of movies is decent, and seats are very comfortable too. Definitely a place worth a visit!

Asia Barong –

This is one antique shop with mind blowing collection, sure to get you confused which piece to buy. They have old furniture, sculptures, jewellery and gift items perfect for any occasion. You can order items in advance to get discounts. However, Asia Barong remains closed for 3 or 4 months of the year. It is during this time that the owners travel around the world looking for good antique pieces to keep for sale in their shops. The store is enormous with 2 outdoor gardens and it’s amazing antique collections. They also help in designing and furnishing houses.

Berkshire Playwrights lab –

This lab hosts playwrights which are fascinating and attracts a lot of crowd on almost all the seasons. All the plays are well chosen and arranged. They also arrange staged reading and engaging talk back sessions which often includes a play director too. The highlight shows are often conducted during Wednesday nights.

Another good art centre nearby is the Lauren Clark Fine Arts centre, which is also famous for its performance arts.

So, after going through the descriptions of all the above-mentioned places, don’t you feel like visiting Great Barrington, Massachusetts? Do think about the beautiful places you are going to visit and the positivity it is going to get you filled with. So, make sure you visit these places at least once in your lifetime, or it is going to be a great loss on your side.

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