The beauty of the nature's paradise Paro and Punakha in Bhutan.

Paro and Punakha are paradise on earth.

The beauty of the nature's paradise Paro and Punakha in Bhutan.
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The article compares the beauty of Punakha and Paro in Bhutan. Both the places have their own beauty. They cannot be differentiated but appreciated in their own esteem.

Those who go to Bhutan, they look for solitude, peace and natural beauty.  Paro and Punakha are located in two different parts of the Bhutan.


Punakha was the old capital city of Bhutan. It is very famous for the Tzong where many pilgrims come to offer prayer. It is located at a place of union of the rivers Mochu and Pochu.


In Punakha due to the existence  of the rivers Mochu and Pochu the soil is absolutely fertile. So the entire surroundings are lush green. The white clouds and the clear blue sky haunts the visitors. The height of the mountains in Punakha is more than 6000 feet high.

The weather in the months of June and July is very pleasant. The winter months are very very cold.


The city Paro on the other hand is at the foothills of the mountains in Bhutan. For being in the foot-hills the irrigation and cultivation takes place in Bhutan mainly in and around the lands of Paro. Bhutan is famous for both red and white rice. In respect of the Asian countries, Bhutan, India, Thailand, Indonesia and the other countries are the greatest producers of rice. The majority of rice fields are located in and around Paro.


So when the visitors visit Paro, they come with the mind set that they are going to be confronted with the beauties of nature. The difference between Punakha and Paro lie in the factor of the height of the two generations.


Height has a lot to do with the vegetation of the place. The Paro river also flows across the range of mountains, so the river waters provide the fertility required to grow the crops rice, potatos, fruits like oranges, apples, etc. So for the visitors on a clear sunny day, the blue sky oversees the green mountains, the blue rivers and rice fields. There are other tourist attractions in the place including the Rin Pong Tzong, the famous Paro Museum and the famous Paro Airport in Bhutan. In fact in Bhutan there is only one airport. The airport is only situated in Paro. Druk Airways is the popular airlines that ply in the Bhutan.


It is very difficult to say which is better Punakha or Paro, but it can be said that both the tourist destinations have their own beauties in place. Visitors should visit both the places if they get an opportunity in life.

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