An Introduction to a Unique Travel site: Intrepid Travel

Intrepid travel- The world's best adventure travel company

An Introduction to a Unique Travel site: Intrepid Travel
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Global travel is made easier by many travel firms. one of them is from Australia, but services the globe. it can help a traveler to move around the world.


There was a time when travelling to a distant part of the world was an ordeal requiring great planning and fortitude. Travelers to Mecca for the Hajj had to endure long caravan journeys by camel. Even Sir Richard Burton could visit Mecca in 1853 only after a hazardous journey. . The 21st century has changed all that and travelling across the globe to any destination is a seamless compartment. One of the companies that facilitate travel and holidays is www. this company was launched in 1991 by 2 Australians named Darrel and Manch. The travel site has been making a profit every year since 1991.


Products and Brands

The site intrepid travel was launched in 1991 and has its head office in Australia. The site is a global site and can be accessed from anywhere in the globe.  The site has grown exponentially since the last 21 years and presently has joint ventures or representation in 22 countries. It employs a staff of over 1000.

The site offers over 800 different tours in groups or single to all destinations on the globe. Tours are organized to Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas, The Middle East, Australasia and Antarctica. Once you open the site the site will prompt you to mention your country of residence. Once you have done that the site will open. The company operates group organized tours and private tours. Private tours of 10 and more persons will fetch a 10% discount. You can also travel singly, but will have to share accommodation with a similar room mate or be charged for double occupancy. Tours are organized to


·         Antarctica

·         Asia

·         Central America

·         Europe

·         Middle East

·         North America

·         Oceania

·         South America

·         Africa

Travel insurance is mandatory before the tour and must cover medical, lost baggage as well as accident insurance for a minimum of $200,000.


Other Rules

The site has stringent cancellation policies. All travelers are required to make a deposit of $250 which is non- refundable. In case you cancel your tour or a portion of your tour, cancellation fees will be charged as follows

Ø  Trip cancelled before 56 days of departure - no cancellation fee except for the deposit of $250

Ø  Trip cancelled between 30-55 days-  cancellation fee 50% of the money paid

Ø   Trip cancelled  before 30 days- no refund

Ø   Trip change of  program prior to 56 days – cancellation charge $ 150 per person

Other Points

Intrepid is financially solvent. It has sufficient funds and reserves as required by IATA and Australia's Travel Compensation Fund. This enables the site to cope with a down turn of travel as happened after 9/11.

The site guarantees the tours and travels as booked.

Customer Service

The site has a vibrant customer service.  Travel agents and travelers are both attended expeditiously. In case you are a traveler you can email them at Travelers can contact the travel site on   (613) 9473 2673 for any online enquiry.  Rest of the info can be gained from their site.

Last Word

 The feedback of the site is good and generally it is considered a reliable site. One can safely book a tour through this site. The only drawback is the $250 non- refundable deposit that is lost in case you cancel your trip.


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