5 Things To See In Atlantic City, NJ

Things to See in Atlantic City, NJ

5 Things To See In Atlantic City, NJ
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Atlantic city has long been a resort town. The addition of casinos brought many people to the area and now there are many things to see here. So here is a list of 5 best things to see in Atlantic City, NJ.

If you are planning a trip to the states than Atlantic city should be on your list of places to see. It offers a historic feel with modern day accents. The city has transformed over the years and will be a memory you will not forget. Bring your family and be sure to take many pictures.

5 Things to See in Atlantic City, NJ

  1. The Beach is the only free one in the area and runs the length of the city.  It's beautiful white sand is cleaned regularly and relaxition is the soup of the day. Take the children and they will tire themselves out with. 
  2. The Boardwalk is over 5 miles long and runs most of the city. The beach runs along one side of it, the Casinos and stores run along the other side making it a site to see in the city.
  3. The Casinos offer a rich nightlife with gambling, shows, and luxury rooms for your stay.

    The gambling consists of slot machines, gaming tables, and even sports betting. With several shows nightly you will have a full schedule. They are located in two areas of the city, one along the boardwalk and offers the boardwalk and beach as day time activities. The second is at the marina and can be visited by boat,ship, or yacht.
  4. The Abescon Lighthouse is a part of the cities rich history. It stands about 182 feet tall and can be climbed for a view of the city. It is located in the inlet area of Atlantic city and marks the entrance to Absecon bay. It also marks the coastline for ships traveling along the shore. The Lighthouse offers a gift shop and a showcase of the lens that is being used.
  5. Garniners Basin is just accross the water from the marina and the fishing boats can be seen coming or going. The basin offers an outside bar with gift shops and areas to eat. The Aquarium is there wiith fish from the area, there are petting tanks for the sting rays and even some sharks. The old diving bell that use to be a boardwalk attraction sits out frount.

The city is located in Atlantic county, The county has many attractions itself and a rich history provides many places to see. Enjoy yourself and be sure to win at the casinos.

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