Best Places to Visit in Vietnam - Where to Visit in Vietnam

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam - Where to Visit in Vietnam
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With diversity at its best and very flexible access for the travelers, good quality hotels and resorts expanding, this rising socialist market economy has drawn remarkable attraction in the area of tourism from the outside world. Here we are going to list some of the best places to visit in Vietnam if you are planning to go to that country. Stop wondering about where to visit in Vietnam and read the list of best places in Vietnam to visit.

Owing to its geographic variety, loveliest of the lovely cuisines, ample beaches, limitless affordable shopping places, and mountains have made Vietnam an extremely alluring place over the past few years. This article is being written for you if you are visiting Vietnam for the first time. Stay with me, because you are going to explore a complete new horizon of travelling and it would be so enticing that you would feel the urge to visit that country right away!

If you do not have much time, then it's recommended that you plan your visit to limit in certain area or areas in Vietnam.  

When to Visit Vietnam?

There is not really a right or wrong time to visit this country, since throughout the year you would face both sunshine and rain and the scale varies in the different regions of this country. Basically Vietnam's temperature is humid but at the same time, there would even be snow in the northern portion surrounded by mountain. Still if you are persistent about a specific time, then the idea timing to visit Vietnam is either the spring ( Feb-April) and Autumn ( Aug-Oct). Temperature generally remains moderate at this time. 

Places to Visit in Vietnam

The most interesting fact about Vietnam is, it's map has an elongated shape which is an added advantage for the travelers in the sense that whatever the travel plan you make, the routing will ultimately lead to the other point.

Let's see which places are the "must-sees' in Vietnam. 

1. Hanoi 

Among all the tourist places in this country, Hanoi is the most popular one. This capital city has amazing features for the tourists and always full of life. It has got Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, which is one of the UNESCO's world heritage site. A mindblowing artefact of Vietnam's history and culture. Among other interesting places, you would find Water Puppet Theater, The Perfume Pagoda,Ba vi national park for nature lovers, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum if you want to delve into some historic elements. If you are a shopaholic, then you must visit Dong Xuan Market, which has got huge collection of fashion and apparels. But wherever you go at Hanoi, do not forget to try the bia-hoi. Here the tourists from all around the world gather with beer bottle and chit-chats sitting on the plastic stools. Surely it will lighten your mood after the tiredness of traveling all day long.

2. Hoi An 

Who can forget to mention Hoi An when making a list of places to travel in Vietnam? Another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enriched with historic materials and a perfect embodiment of ancient Vietnam. If you love to see ancient creatures, then you would love to explore the world of centuries-old buddhist pagodas, temples, shophouses from the era of colonial rule and museums. Streets are so much accessible owing to its pedestrian-favorable culture, you can explore the city on your foot or by cycling. Japanese Covered Bridge, My Son Sanctuary are another 2 UNESCO Sites you would find in Hoi an. You can have a great time by Scuba-diving, having a spa or even amazing cooking-class experience in Hoi an, if you are not that into historical facts much. 

3. Phone Nha-Ke Bang National Park  

Known as the "Heaven on Earth" of Vietnam,this place is famous for is oldest Karst Park which has grown for the past 400 years! Highly enriched with hundreds of huge cave systems, underground rivers, historical places and increasing better accommodation and variety of food facilities, I am sure, you would lose yourself in this world of utmost natural scenic beauty. If you go there, please try to explore the rural areas at this place. It will simply take you back to the ancient Vietnam along with endless, soothing beauty. you would simply want to stay here for the rest of your life detaching yourself from the city life chaos! By the way, chicken-grill with the peanut sauce is a must-have item from this area. 

4. Phu-Quoc Island

Because of its inherent potential as a touristic place, the businessman are in their best of effort to make it a place for mass-tourism. I am not sure, if this place would stay to its true beauty if that happens. So before that, explore this place. When the sparkling sunlight dazzles the gulf of Thailand, that's a million-dollar view. If you go for a budget trip, then this place is ideal for you. Other attractions include Sao beach, Vinpearl Safari,Long beach,and Phu Quoc Waterfall. 

5. Mekong Delta 

The Mekong Delta is known to be another place which has earned quite an attraction from the tourism industry. The most interesting place is the local markets of this place. One of the major public attraction is the chance to take a picture in a during the river cruise, wearing those classic conical hats. Boats are the main mode of transportation here. This place is full with colorful floating, where shopping is simply fun! Also you could enjoy the view of floating houses, I mean the entire village is located on water! Isn't it interesting? 

6. Ho Chi Minh City 

You came to visit Vietnam, and have not got a chance to pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, that's just unfortunate. this is the largest city of Vietnam where you get to taste the flavor of urbane lives of the emerging middle class. Imported motorcycles, smartphones in people's hands, well-dress people, Ho Chi Minh is full of life with the hustle and bustle of city life. The famous Cu-Chi Tunnel and a very popular War Remnants Museum are its major attractions. Also, in the heart of this city, lies Notredame Theatre, which emblem of neo-roman styled architecture will make you forget for a second that you are in a South-East Asian country at this moment. Saigon opera House and Reunification palace are also treats to the eye. 

7. Nha Trang 

Wanna get the charm of both urbane life and sea beach? Then Nha Trang is your area. This popular sea-side resort city has a mind boggling combination of beaches, mountains (yeah, both!) and lush islands which made it a very attractive destinations for the tourists. Modern amusement and water parks would also give you to spend some quality time with your family along with scuba diving. 

8. Sapa 

The last destination in our list is Sapa. If you love trekking, then the ideal place for you is Sapa. Located at the remote northwest of Vietnam, Sapa would offer you beautiful diversified tribal culture, picture-perfect mountainous views, waterfalls and eye-catching rice paddies. This is a serene, quiet place mostly used as an ideal trekking point in the Hoang Lien Son mountains,where you would also get the opportunity to experience the life and culture of the tribal people.

So, my travel-loving friends, I hope, briefly I could draw an outline of the most prominent travelling places in Vietnam for you. Definitely, there's more. There are tons of travel blogs, tourism companies, journals are out there to suggest you a whole lot of other sightseeing places. In Vietnam, there are so many numerous places to visit, that a mere article is just not enough to introduce you to that horizon.

But one thing you must not forget, the cherry on the cake, their food! Vietnamese got an amazing cuisine, which you would never forget once you get to taste it, trust me! Those are just mouth watering! I even dream of Vietnamese dishes sometimes! You would only understand my point once you try it. Also, another thing I would like to add here, be aware of scams. Despite being a source of never-ending heavenly beauty, it's also a hub for the tourist scams. So I would suggest that you do not travel without the help of a reliable tour guide. 

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