The Rooftop Swimming Pool in Hotel Dolphin Seagull in Digha is Awesome

Travellers enjoy swimming in the rooftop swimming pool of Hotel Dolphin Seagull in Digha

The Rooftop Swimming Pool in Hotel Dolphin Seagull in Digha is Awesome
Image Source - Dr Souvik Chatterji
While the sea waters of Mandarmani, Tajpur, Digha, Shankarpur are beautiful, the pools inside the hotels are also attractive. Travellers spend time in the rooftop swimming pool of Hotel Dolphin Seagull in Digha.

Digha is the most popular tourist destination in West Bengal after Darjeeling. The city of Digha is divided into two parts, old Digha and new Digha. Dolphin Seagull hotel is situated in Old Digha. It is situated around Barrister Colony road and is 5 minutes walking distance from Biswabangla Beach.

Dolphin Seagull is in the form of cottages. There are slanting roofs with AC rooms which are spacious. There is a beautiful green lawn adjacent to the rooms.

Children love the place a lot. They ride on sea saws in the lawn.

The biggest attraction of Dolphin Seagull is the rooftop swimming pool. It is built on the 4th floor. It is a fantastic swimming pool. The water of the pool is crystal blue. Swimming is a great exercise. It helps everyone to get relaxed. In tropical places, travellers cool themselves in the water of swimming pools.

There is a smaller pool for small children having shallow waters. The good part of the pool is that it does not go deep. The entire pool has a height of 4.5 feet. So majority of people can stand on the water. There is no fear of drowning in the water. Swimmers are instructed to have showers before plunging in the water.

The pool is opened from 9 am in the morning and remains open till 9 pm in the evening. The water of the pool is generally cold, but as Digha has tropical climate with heat and humidity, travellers enjoy swimming in the pool.

Many tourists do exotic photography at the swimming pool in the rooftop location. From the pool the Bay of Bengal is visible.

The food in Dolphin Seagull is also good. There is a lot of variety. If on the first day the travellers order alu ka paratha in breakfast, they order luchi potato curry in the second day and egg poach, French toast on the third day. In case travellers are travelling with children, there is a problem of getting food. Even quarter boiled egg is not cooked in the right way.

In lunch authentic Bengali cuisines are provided. The dishes start with shukto, followed by masoor dal, aloo bhaja, then fish curry. Fishes in Digha are very expensive. One plate of hilsa curry costs Rs 200 which has only one piece of Hilsa. The curry is cooked with mustard powder and dish named bhape. But the high costs compel travellers to order chicken curry instead of fish curry. Chicken curry consists of 3 pieces of chicken costing Rs 150 per plate.

At night travellers have mutton curry and rotis. Mutton is expensive with Rs 250 per plate. Many travellers take green salad along with the food.

Digha has many tourist attractions. Many travellers spend time in the Biswabangla beach in the evening time. The entire sandy landmass is converted into concrete structure with gates and food stalls. There is a sea drive where people can walk adjacent to the see facing the sea breeze.

There is a beautiful globe named Biswabangla which is situated at the heart of the Old Digha beach.

Many travellers travel to Amravati lake situated around 4 kilometers away from old Digha. The lake is good. Many travellers go for boating in the waters of the lake.

Many travellers travel to Digha Science Centre. It is beautiful place to visit. Many live shows are held every day including miracles. There are films shown on science subjects, law of evolution, to name a few. Children enjoy the stay in the Digha Science Centre a lot.

The other exotic location for travellers to Digha include the beautiful beaches at Udaynarayanpur. These beaches are at the West Bengal Orissa border. As it is located a bit westward from Digha, it has a different topography. There are a lot of palm trees and cashew nut trees in the vicinity. The evening breeze in that beach is amazing. Many fishermen keep their boats in that beach. Some of the boats are decorated with coloured cloth and they look really awesome.

Many travellers go to visit another exotic location called Talsari. The tropic of cancer had flown across the place. The yellow sands are amazing over there. It is a beautiful place. Many travellers take rented bikes and go to see further distance away.

Many travellers go to visit Shankarpur beach. Shankarpur is also called the fish hub of South Bengal. There are government resting places like Matsogondha in the place. There are many small fisheries in the vicinity. They look beautiful. There are ice factories where the big fishes are kept in rectangular ice packs. It is a beautiful experience to walk across the cashew nut trees in Shankarpur.

Many notable Bengali films are shot in the exotic locations of Digha. In 1973, Uttamkumar came to Digha to shoot his film Bikele Bhorer Phool. Sumitra Mukherjee, Utpal Dutt, Robi Ghosh were the other prominent artists in the film. It was shot at a time when the Digha beach itself only had sands and there were no boulders to stop the corrosive sea waters.

In the mid 1980s, Mithun Chakravarty shot his film Anyay Abichar. Utpal Dutta acted opposite him. There had been many films shot across the cashew nut trees, yellow sands and other locations.

There are many hotels in Digha right from West Bengal Tourist Corporation hotel called Digha Tourist Lodge, Sea View, Sea Hawk and many other hotels.

Digha is situated around 190 kilometers away from Kolkata. So it takes 4 and a half hours to reach Digha. Some travellers of Kolkata spend long weekends in Digha, by travelling on a Thursday and returning back on a Sunday.

Time flies in Digha and travellers cannot forget the romantic experience in Digha. India has many great beaches like Radhanagar Beach, Covalam Beach, Calumgute beach, Puri Beach. For travellers who like sea waters, for them their travel is incomplete if they don’t spend time in the exotic beaches of Digha, Shankarpur, Mandarmani, Tajpur, Talsari, Udaynarayanpur to name a few.

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