Punakha Valley is a traveller's paradise.

Hills, valleys, river waters all make Punakha look like a paradise.

Punakha Valley is a traveller's paradise.
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The article speaks about the romantic weather and beautiful place Punakha in Bhutan and the important destinations in the area.

If anyone goes to Punakha valley in Bhutan he or she will be lost in the wonders of nature. The valley is situated near the banks of river Po Chu and Mo Chu.


As the soil at the foothills on the banks of river Po Chu and Mo Chu are very fertile, the majority of the villagers engage in growing white and red rice. Majority of the houses in the vicinity consist of pounded mud and stone infrastructures.


Bhutan export huge amount of both white and red rice to different parts of the world.  Till 1955 Punakha remained the capital of Bhutan. After that the capital had been shifted to Thimphu. Thimphu is around 80 kilometers away from Punakha.

It takes around 3 and a half hours to reach Thimphu from Punakha.


Punakha is also famous for its beautiful Tzong which is called Pungthang Dewacheng Tzong. It is situated near the meeting point of river Po Chu and Mo Chu. Tzong is a famous religious place for the Bhutanese. It was constructed by Tuebi Zaow Balip. In 1957, 1960 and 1994 the Tzong got affected by flash floods. It is situated near the union of Po chu and Mochu river. So it is very evident that during floods, the water mixed with ice create huge damage. Bhutan is situated in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. The summers have temperature hovering around 15 to 20 degree Celsius. In winter temperatures go below 0 degrees Celsius. The height of Punakha is around 4270 feet above sea level.


Punakha has beautiful hotels like Tzankho Pelri. The hotels are in the forms of cottages. Due to great height beautiful pine trees are planted around the hotels. From Tzankho Pelri the rivers Mo chu and Po Chu are visible. There are adequate places for parking of cars of the visitors.


The food of the restaurants of Tzankho Pelri are beautiful. In breakfasts visitors are given omelette, scrambled eggs, breads, milk, cereal flakes and puris. The breakfasts are so heavy that people cannot have a serious lunch.


Around the cottages of Tzankho Pelri there are gardens full of flowers grown in alpine areas. The evenings are very romantic. The breeze across river Mochu and Pochu creates soothing effect all around the place.


Visitors should visit Punakha during the summer months that is May and June. Probably it is the most romantic place in entire Bhutan with the hilly background, the river waters, the alpine vegetation and the romantic weather.

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