King Richard I the Lionheart

King Richard I of England

King Richard I of England was also known as Richard the Lionheart. This may of been because of his bravery in battle.

Richard I, the king of England, was also known as Richard the Lionhearted. Richard I was very courages on the battlefield. He was very popular with the English people and still is.

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine were Richards parents. Richard was born into a family that was always at war with each other. Richard even had to fight with his father to be considered an heir to the throne. Richard was crowned king in 1189, and he started getting ready for the Third Crusade.

Richard raised the people's taxes so he would have money for the Crusade.

King Richard and King Philip Augustus of France joined each other in Sicily. King Richard conquered Cyprus when he was on his way to the Holy Land. He used the wealth of the city to increase the Crusades money In 1191 Richard engaged in the siege of Acre. The German and French leaders were at odds for the entire siege. The French and English armies also had problems. Acre fell in July, and Philip was back in France in August. Richard was a very brave soldier, and he enjoyed a good war After the French left Richard found another army to help him fight the sultan of Egypt, Saladin.

Saladin had decided he was going to defeat the Crusaders and drive them out. When Richard tried to capture Jerusalem, his army was forced to retreat in 1191. Richard tried three more time to take Jerusalem and was defeated every time. Richard decided to work out a treaty with Saladin. In the treaty, the Crusaders got a fringe along the coastline. Their Ascalon base was destroyed.

Richard was left with no good way to return to England. The land and sea routes were now controlled by Richards enemies.

Richard disguised himself in 1192 to pass through Austria, but King Leopold was looking for him, and Richard was captured in Vienna. Leopold turned Richard over to the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI. Henry VI wanted a ransom before he would release Richard. He wanted 150,000 marks. The money was raised by the English People. They did not have the full amount, but Richard was released anyway, and he returned to England in 1194..

When Richard I was released he went back to England. He was sworn in as king for the second time. When he was sure he was still in control of England he left for Normandy and never returned to England.

He spent the next five years fighting France's King Philip II. When Richard I laid siege on Chalus castle he was wounded. He died from this wound.

King Richard ruled England for eleven years, but during this time he stayed less than one year on English soil.

He and Berengaria of Navarre never had any children of their own, so when he died his brother, John, became King of England.

King Richard I did not do anything of importance in England, but he was very popular and still is.

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