How did the Philippine-American War Started

Did the American Occupation in the Philippines brings good to our country? This article briefly explains when was the first bullet fired which started the Philippine-American War.

Start of a New War with a New Enemy

On the night of February 4, 1899,  start the war between the Filipino and American forces in a small bridge in the Sociego Street at Sta Mesa Manila. An American soldier fired his gun against a Filipino soldier and his companion who wanted to cross the bridge. He shouted at the Filipino, but he did not stop, prompting him to shoot the soldier. After this, he also gunned down his companion. This becomes the start of the exchange of gun fires and the eve of the war between the Philippines and America.

The Battle at Manila

After the incident, the American forces spontaneously attacked all the garrisons (in all areas around Manila) of the Filipino forces the whole night of February 4, 1899. The morning after that, in La Loma (now part of Quezon City), the American soldiers had break-through the Maypajo camp which is the main aggression of General Antonio Luna.

Gen. Luna and his forces gallantly and bravely defended Kalookan but his forces was lost. Luna’s force retreated and went to Pulo, Bulacan. During the retreat, Luna ordered to burn-down all the houses in the area so that it will not be used by the Americans. Antonio Luna’s force was able to gain entry to Manila until they reached the Azcarraga Street (now called Claro M. Recto), but again the failed to capture and was defeated by the US forces stationed in the area. Today, Gen. Antonio Luna was the father of the “Philippine Military Academy”.

Because of the high-powered weapons of the Americans, they are able to crashed down and capture all the Filipino stronghold  as well as the areas around Manila such as Marikina, Pateros, Guadalupe and Kalookan.

The Fall of Malolos

When the additional reinforces of the Americans landed in Manila, they continue to attack all the garrisons of the Filipino forces. General Arthur MacArthur (father of Gen. Douglas MacArthur) headed the siege at Guiguinto, Bulacan and after capturing the town, continue to push to Malolos, Bulacan. Mololos at that time was the center of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. And on March 31, 1899, after a month of battle, Gen. MacArthur’s forces was able to capture Malolos.

While Aguinaldo’s forces retreated and transferred the seat of government to San Isidro, Nueva Ecija. During the retreat, Aguinaldo left a number of huge boxes containing large amount of money and important documents pertaining to Philippine Governance at Malolos. He instructed Gen. Luna to retrieve the documents but his forces was block at Calumpit, Bulacan.

Even though Malolos, Bulacan had fallen, the forces of the Filipino soldiers continues to fight against the Americans.

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