Comparison of Hills of Ooty with Hills of Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

Both Ooty and Genting Highlands have unique landscape.

Comparison of Hills of Ooty with Hills of Genting Highlands in Malaysia.
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Ooty is situated in Nilgiri Hills in South India. It is as romantic as the green mountains of Genting Highlands in Malaysia. Visitors should visit both the places.

Genting Highlands is one of the most popular Hill spots of Malaysia. Those who come to Malaysia as tourists from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Indonesia definitely visit the place for its unique scenic beauty and fun rides that are created by the authorities.

From India, Malaysia can be reached very easily if the tourist plans the tour from Kolkata. Air Asia, Air India, Indigo flights take the visitors from Kolkata to Kualalumpur in only 4 hours time. Malaysia is ahead than India by around 30 minutes. International flights like Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines and Indian Flights like Air India, Indigo reach visitors to Kualalumpur.

Passport and visa is required to enter Malaysia from India. From the Kualalumpur Airport, Genting Highlands is around 150 kilometers away.

It takes around 2 and a half hours to 3 hours reach Genting Highlands from the Airport as the roads are excellent and cars can take up high speed. Generally flights like Air Asia from Kolkata reach the visitors by 11 pm in Kualalumpur. They reach Genting Highlands by 2 pm at night.

There are lovely hotels where visitors can stay. The Awana Resort is a brilliant Resort in Genting Highlands. Visitors can spend days and weeks in the resort as it has so many amenities. The resort consists of more than 35 floors. Those who get rooms above 30 floors they have fantastic views of the low hills adjacent to Awana Resort.

There is lush green golf course in Awana. Few vehicles are maintained which cut the grass regularly to keep the golf course in perfect shape. There are 2 separate swimming pools. One swimming pool is devoted to children. The other swimming pool is devoted to adults. The water is warm and transparent. Beginners can very swim in the swimming pool as the waters are shallow.

Awana Resort provides complimentary breakfast. It is a great experience in tasting their breakfast. Right from prawn rice to different types of chicken vegetable curry, right from bacon to sausage, right from cornflakes, cereal flakes to bread omelette, there is huge variety of food. Visitors get puzzled which food to eat and which one to avoid. The food is very tasty.

Inside the rooms, press, laundry table, tea coffee bags everything is provided. Genting Highlands is famous of huge number of rides. There are different types of rides. Visitors can do car racing in their way. They can do boating. There are different types of merry go rounds. There are so many different rides that visitors get perplexed which one to ride on and which one to leave. Visitors from Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea all flock to Genting Highlands to spend their summer.

The temperature never go below 18 degree centigrade as Malaysia is very close to the equator. There is excellent fooding facilities adjacent to the funworld. Visitors can eat in Burger King, Macdonalds, and many other burger chains.

Ooty also known as Ootacamand or Udagamandalam, is a hill spot in Tamil Nadu. As it is close to the equator again, there is cool weather, but very cold weather existing there. Visitors can use train from Kolkata to Bengaluru including Duronto Express and then go to Ooty by road.

There is excellent toy train in Ooty. In fact Shahrukh Khan’s film Dil Se was shot at Ooty. He was riding on the toy train in the song “chaiya chaiya”. The toy train takes the visitors from the foothills called Coonoor to Ooty.

There are excellent tea gardens in Ooty. The tea made there is sold in international market. The visitors are taken to the tea factories. They are shown how the green tea leaves are processed and fermented and how the final tea is prepared. It is a very educative experience.

Ooty is known for its lovely lakes. There are many lakes in Ooty including the main one which is called Ooty lake. They are surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. There are beautiful colourful boats which take the visitors to different parts of the lake and get a glimpse of wide Eucalyptus forests. Rishi Kapoor’s film Karz was shot in Ooty Lake where Rafisahab sang for Rishi Kapoor the song “darde dil darde jigar dil me jagaya aapne”, which became super hit in the early 1980s.

There are beautiful hotels all around Ooty. The Ootygate hotel is an excellent hotel having brilliance ambience. Breakfast is complimentary. There are different types of South Indian food, including the Tamil food called Pongal which is a rice product. Dosas, idlis, uttampams are very famous in this part of the world and in breakfast visitors enjoy the wide varieties of food.

Ooty is situated in Nilgiri hills. At one point of time from the foothills the high mountains used to look blue whenever the clouds covered those mountains. So the native people named the place Nilgiri meaning Blue mountains. The place is very famous for medicinal plants. While growth of chandan trees make Ooty unique, the products of eucalyptus are bought by visitors for different reasons. People get healing from different diseases by using the products of eucalyptus tree. Ooty has many chocolate factories and the brown chocolate and black chocolate of Ooty are very famous.

There is a beautiful Botanical garden in Ooty. Different species of plants are planted there. The flowers have brilliant fragrance and visitors spend time in the Botanical garden adjacent to the hills.

There are many things which are common to Ooty and Genting Highlands. Both the places are cool, but not cold. Both the places are close to the equator. It is difficult to say which one is better.

For young people Genting Highlands is a better option because the rides in Genting Highlands increase the adrenaline in young people and they have huge fun accessing those rides. For poets, romantic persons Ooty is a good option because there is scope of enjoying the tea fields, lakes and spend time in a leisurely manner. Visitors should visit both the places.

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