You Never Know What Lies Beneath the Surface of a Lake

The Tranquil Waters of a Lake - A Gateway to a Hidden World

You Never Know What Lies Beneath the Surface of a Lake
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Navigating on a big lake can be a relaxing and invigorating experience, but it can also raise the curiosity and desire to explore the hidden world which lies deep beneath the surface.

I have always considered traveling by boat on a lake to be a highly rewarding experience because it offers me the chance to go through a variety of states, ranging from relaxation and a sense of freedom and detachment from the daily grind that the view of the still waters generates in my soul to a state of growing curiosity about the hidden treasures and unexpected sights which can be admired below the peaceful waters, but since I know nothing about scuba diving and I have never been invited to a submarine, the only vehicle which can take me deep into the secret world which lies beneath the surface of a big lake is my imagination.

A few years ago, while I was taking part on a short trip on the waters of an artificial lake created more than 50 years ago when a massive dam was built with a lot of sweat, hard work and sadly with the loss of human lives as well in the heart of the mountains of my country, my mind took me on a journey beyond the calm, blue waters as I was trying to imagine what  I could see on the bottom of the lake. I knew that many people were evacuated from the areas where the dam was built as entire villages were simply flooded by the artificial lake.

There were definitely hard times for many villagers who were broken-hearted when they had to leave their native places behind and were forcibly moved elsewhere, but such sad stories are inevitable when the need for progress and development requires such sacrifices to be made by a small number of people in  order to complete a project whose benefits were, and still are, a lot more significant than the damage done to those small communities that had to disappear.

During my imaginary journey to the bottom of the lake I could picture myself roaming on the lanes of villages among deserted houses and buildings that were slowly deteriorating by the passage of time; it would certainly be an eerie experience if I could actually see visit such a place and see how it looks, but, in addition to flooded villages, there are many other things that crossed my mind when I went on boat voyages on other lakes. My mind sometimes took me to sights of beauty, mystery, and magic, but it also offered me less pleasant, often every scary alternatives.

There were moments when I could see an incredible world of splendour, full of unique plants and unseen and wonderful species of coloured fish and other remarkable  creatures, but I could also imagine hideous monsters like giant squids, massive human-eating octopuses ready to devour any unfortunate individuals that might fall into their tentacles or even terrifying multiple-headed sea serpents that would make the legendary Loch Ness monster look like a toy.

I can also imagine wrecks of ships or even planes fallen into the lake during World War 2, and going further with my exploration, I could also view exciting things such as treasure chests lying on the bottom of lake for several centuries, along with more chilling sights like the skulls and bones of sailors or pilots waiting for someone to take them out and offer them a proper burial that would bring peace to their troubled souls.

Basically, the possibilities are endless when  I think about what  I could discover beneath the surface of a lake. That is why on the rare occasions I embark on such short, but meaningful voyages on lakes, I try to enjoy both the actual views that unfold before my eyes, and the unseen and imaginary landscapes hidden in the depths of the lake. It is a truly spectacular adventure that I wish I could enjoy a lot more often than I actually do!


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