Why China Wants to Humiliate India Once Again?

China wants to humiliate India once again.

China humiliated an unprepared India in 1962 and wants to repeat it against a much stronger India in 2017. Will it succeed this time?

The Chinese are threatening India with war to settle a so called border dispute on the China-Bhutan border. Bhutan does not have diplomatic relations with China and its security is guaranteed by India. Therefore Indian and Chinese troops are facing each other eyeball to eyeball in the Doklam area of the tri junction point between China, India and Bhutan.

China is in itself a very large country. But its hunger for more land does not seem to end. Almost with all its neighbors it has some border dispute either on land or sea. China is acting like a big bully and expects its neighbors to simply bow down to its might..

Perhaps it expected India also to do the same. It reminded India of the war of 1962 when China back stabbed Nehru and India by launching a war and entered Indian territory, only to withdraw after a few days.

The reason why it attacked in 1962 was, because it could not digest the considerable prestige that Nehru commanded internationally. China felt that an  economically much weaker   India was getting far too much prestige on international forums and therefore decided to puncture it by launching an attack. It indeed humiliated Nehru and India. China had achieved its purpose.

Today India is economically much stronger than it was in 1962. Its defense capabilities are also much better. But there is a problem. The second largest economy is perhaps not able to digest the considerable prestige that Narendra Modi the Indian Prime Minister is commanding internationally. Indian economy is growing the fastest in the world. On a much larger scale the Chinese economy is however slowing down. China does not want a democratic India to become successful. It will then be a challenge to the single party dictatorial China and Chinese citizens can demand democratic rights which are presently denied to them.

Therefore once again China is set to puncture the Indian growth balloon by launching first a confrontation and then a limited scale war. It will once again enter deep into Indian territory, humiliate Modi and India and then withdraw. The internal compulsions of the single party, non democratic Chinese system are sought to be diffused by attacking India. 

Can India neutralize the Chinese design? The answer will be available in the next few weeks. 

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Another war again, We don't want war, but it the Chinese people have know really how fast India is growing now and just want to find new ways to intimidate and bring India down. They are scared that India is going to reign their economy down. I think, that is the reason for doing all these. Great article though