Morelia Mexico Travel Attractions

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Morelia

Morelia Mexico Travel Attractions
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Read the below article to discover the top things to do in Morelia.

In Morelia, Mexico, historic sites and evidences of rich culture await the traveler. A neoclassical cathedral dominates the city. Once you are there, take the opportunity to watch and listed to the angelic voice of the Morelia boys choir accompanied by a great pipe organ, which is among the largest in the world. For lovers of folk arts and crafts, this is a place you must not miss. The recorded crafting tradition of Michoacan can be traced back to the 1500s when Vasco de Quiroga, a Spanish bishop, educator, and social reformer organized the teaching of crafts to the Tarascan Indians. To this day, arts and crafts remain to be the Morelia's greatest cultural heritage.

To visit the villages renowned for their specialties, you can rent a car in Morelia, Mexico for convenience.

You can find lots of wood carvings, textiles, and lacquerware in Patzcuaro. In Santa Clara del Cobre is known for its hand-beaten copper products, while in Paracho, expect to find hand-made guitars. For pottery, go to Patamban where they specialize in green-glazed pottery creations. Tzintzuntzan is where you can find lots of hand-woven mats and ornaments. If you are pressed for time, you can still view samples of these art and crafts by visiting Casa de las Artesanias, located in the downtown area of Morelia. If you have a sweet tooth, do pass by their huge candy market for some selections of take-home dessert treats.

Looking for good eats? Do try out Morelia's native cuisine, particularly the Sopa Tarasca and Enchiladas Morelianas. Their unique are a treat that you will never encounter anywhere else in the world. Do take chilies in moderation if you're not accustomed to spicy flavors. For night strolls and bar-hopping, Morelia has several bars that cater to different types of patrons. Check out Ego Near the Sky, Beatles House, Zitio, and Amsterdam bars.


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