Haiti Tourist Attractions: Culture, Food and Places to Visit

Haiti: Food and Places to Visit

Haiti Tourist Attractions: Culture, Food and Places to Visit
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Haiti is a Caribbean country that is home to stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, divine waterfalls, ancient ruins, ethereal historical monuments and beautiful people. This article brings to life a culture, food and places to visit in Haiti.

Haiti is a country blessed with pristine beaches and captivating mountainous terrain. The soft sandy beaches and clear waters, surrounded by picture perfect greenery among colossal mountains is a breath taking sight. The locals in this country speak French and Haitian Creole and take pride in traditional practices and culture.  

Winding roads surrounded by a canopy of green are a magnificent sight in Haiti. As you walk through the thick covering of flora above you, playing peek-a-boo with the sun gets vivid. Orchestral sounds of insects and birds along with serene pathways, symphonic streams, and waterfalls do poetic justice to this land of beautiful people.

The only way to experience the sheer beauty of Haiti is being there. Whether you’re lazing on the large balcony of your hotel, or trekking in the quiet expanse of the countryside, the sudden bursts of breeze love to bother you in a playful manner.    

A majority of the flights arrive at The Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport in Haiti. The affordable prices of air travel prompt individuals to take flights to different locations in Haiti. The domestic airlines that connect you to various destinations in Haiti are extremely affordable. If you want to cover a variety of tourist attractions in different within a short span of time it is recommended that you take a flight. If you take the road, public transport in the form of ‘tap-tap’, brightly colored vans is available. Trucks, or buses, run at a painfully slow pace, and are loaded with passengers.

Transport in Haiti

A common form of transport on road is the ‘tap-tap’, a modified truck, van, or a bus used to ferry passengers. Although these vehicles move at an easy pace, it’s a memorable joyride. The vibrancy of colors used to decorate the vehicles is a scene reminiscent from the flower-power 60s. Once you’re in the ‘tap-tap’, the bumpy ride and the worn out shock absorbers of the vehicle ensure that you play a game of shoulder nudging in your seat. In times like these if you have a strong opinion do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself.

There are a lot of car rentals that provide cars along with experienced drivers at a nominal price. It is recommended that you hire a car with an experienced driver as the locals are well versed with the mountainous terrain. A driver also serves as a guide, and interpreter, with the locals. A lot of tourists that choose to drive around by themselves find it difficult to communicate with the locals. Even if you’ve gained knowledge on the commonly used Haitian words, your pronunciation and accent while uttering these words will evoke broad smiles that lead to a laughter.

Hotels and Accommodation in Haiti

Accommodation needs and requirements that fit every budget are available in Haiti. The variety of luxury hotels are laced with exquisite décor in guest rooms. The view from large balconies and private patios of luxury hotels and resorts situated high amidst the hills is truly mesmerizing. If you want to be pampered in the confines of exquisitely designed guest rooms, there are several luxury hotels and resorts you can choose from. Every luxury hotel consists of décor that is carefully chosen in accordance with the architectural style of the hotel.

Haiti also has a variety of quaint little guest houses that are available for an affordable price. These guest houses are popular with travelers that are constantly on the move. Most of these guest homes offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner to its guests. If you intend to stay in these comfortable guest houses make sure you have Haitian Gourde (local currency) as most guest homes do not accept credit cards or other currency. Guest houses all across Haiti are preferred by single travelers because of their easy accessibility and affordable price. Majority of guest houses serve their guests traditional home cooked meals.

Restaurants in Haiti

The restaurants that are housed within a luxury hotel offer international cuisine, whereas most restaurants and eateries in different places around Haiti offer mouth watering local delicacies. Restaurants in Haiti offer a delicious variety of local cuisine. The delicate use of herb and spice blended with the succulent flavors of pork, beef, mutton and chicken are an integral part of Haitian cuisine. Fresh fruit juices made of guava, pineapple, mango, banana, papaya, sugarcane, and watermelon are consumed a lot by tourists.

Food in Haiti

The ‘kabrit’, a dish made of goat meat delicately cooked with herbs and spices is tenderized to perfection. This melt-in-the-mouth meat is recommended for the hungry carnivorous traveler. ‘Griot’ a fried pork dish served as an accompaniment with rice made with wild mushrooms too leaves a divine taste in your mouth. Vegetarian’s can look forward to the amazing variety of stews that are on offer. To get a taste of the variety of local cuisine one has to visit the eateries and restaurants in Haiti.

Haitian dishes you must have

  • Karbit (Goat meat flavored with herbs and spices)
  • Griot (Succulent fried pork)
  • Diri ak djon djon (Rice served with black mushroom sauce)
  • Chocolat des Cayes (Homemade cocoa)
  • Du Riz a Poulet (Portions of rice with chicken)
  • Meat Patties
  • Piene Patte (Soft sweetbread)
  • Labouille (Corn porridge)

Make sure you stick to bottled water during your stay in Haiti as tap water is not safe to consume because of impurities. Also, make sure the fresh fruit juices that you consume are without the presence of ice. A variety of creamy milk fruit beverages similar to milk shakes are very popular with tourists. It’s a sin not to succumb to the subtle taste of rum that Haiti has to offer. The whiff that enters your nostrils when a rum bottle is opened in Haiti is something that you will remember in your grave. Huge sips of Haitian rum everyday will ensure that you’re in high spirits throughout your stay. Keep in mind that too much of this potent liquid can bring out the animated extrovert in you. Beer is another common alcoholic beverage that is consumed a lot in Haiti.

The historical monuments, magnificent landscapes colorful markets, and handicrafts are excessively popular with visitors in Haiti. The bustling markets in different parts of Haiti are extremely popular with tourists. The sandy beaches in Haiti are in every sense mesmerizing.

Places you must visit in Haiti

  • Citadelle Laferriere
  • Plaine du Cul de Sac
  • Petionville
  • Barbancourt Rum Distillery
  • Etang Saumatre
  • Musse de Guahaba
  • Amiga Island
  • Labadie Island
  • Museum of Haitian Art
  • Bay of Acul

Apart from the above mentioned tourist hotspots, Haiti has numerous other attractions that are visited by tourists.  

Tourists are advised to act responsibly, travel in a group, and stay alert at all times during their stay. If you intend to stay for a long period in Haiti it’s wise to get a local contact or guide to get you a good offer during your stay. Amusing sellers at the marketplace or at stores with a few words of French or Haitian Creole can do wonders during a bargain.  

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