Comparison between Radhanagar Beach and Coral Beach in Andaman.

Radhanagar beach has white powdery sands while Coral Beaches has bed of colourful corals.

Comparison between Radhanagar Beach and Coral Beach in Andaman.
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The article compares the scenic beauty of Radhanagar Beach with that of Coral Beach of Coral Island and Red Skin island which are in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Each and every island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands compete against each other in the context of drawing tourists from different parts of the world. There is a direct competition between Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island and Coral Beach in Coral Islands and Red Skin Islands.


The scenic beauty of Radhanagar Beach attracts those tourists who are more inclined in sun-bathing in the white soft powdery sands. Where as Coral Beach haunts those tourists who are interested in snorkelling or seeing the corals in glass-bottom boats.


Both the experiences are different. Firstly Radhanagar Beach appears to the tourists like the first spells of spring. The Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea are calm near the Radhanagar Beach. It is a paradise for romantic people.

Those who want to see an apple red sky in the morning and orange sunset they can spend a beautiful week in Radhanagar Beach.


But the young generation is more interested in adventurous expeditions. The colourful corals in the bottom of the sea bed in the three prominent islands Coral Islands, Red Skin Islands, and Jolly Buoy Islands create sensation. There are sea urchins, sea corals and stone-fishes in the bottom of the sea bed.


Due to the typical latitudinal and longitudinal effect of the different islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands within a very short distance the natural biosphere altogether changes from Havelock Island to Coral Island. It is something which is very typical in Andaman only.


The other question is in the terms of the rocky element in the coral islands of Red Skin Island and Jolly Buoy Island. While there are almost no rocks in the Radhanagar Beach, there are huge number of dead corals and rocks in the Jolly Buoy Island.


The great part of both the beaches in Havelock Islands and Red skin islands is that there is beautiful notice boards which prevent the tourists from venturing into those areas where the sea crocodiles, salt water crocodiles, stone fishes, crabs and other harmful sea creatures. So visitors never venture over there.


There is one broad distinction between Radhanagar Beach and the coral beach in the fact of colourful sea-shells. While the ones in Radhanagar Beach is more darker and dazzling in colours while the ones in the coral islands are more of the lighter shade. The debate continues. But if visitors want to travel to both these islands they should spend at least 4 days each in either of the islands.

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Thanks Writer2016. I really appreciate the diversity of life in Coral Island and Radhanagar beach. The beaches are really romantic.


Thanks Mylindaelliot for the comments. You should see both the places to understand nature's gift.


Dear Pruelpo thanks a lot for the comments.
If you see both of them you will be amazed.


Interesting article packed of facts. Attraction for tourists local and international.


Dear Pruelpo. This year the travel interest of tourists got disturbed due to the fact that Cyclone Bharda caused rain and storms. So the tourists who went to Coral Island and Radhanagar beach got stranded.


They both sound beautiful. I'd like to see them both.


The white powdery sands of Radhanagar beach provokes the travellers to sleep in the sands during dawn and dusk.